Summer 2019 Virtual Referral Selling Workshop Series

Tired of prospecting and not getting anywhere? Not sure how to implement a referral system instead? Now you can learn how to generate only qualified leads with a practical referral system tailor-made for you. Check out my virtual workshop series and see for yourself.

Get Started With Referrals: Join My Summer Workshop Series

Get Started With Referrals: Join My Summer Workshop Series

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Get Access to the C-Suite Every Time with a Proven Referral System

Sales leaders complain their b2b sales teams don’t get enough qualified leads, their pipelines are fluff, gatekeepers block their access to the C-suite, and the sales process is way too long. Leadership can’t count on accurate forecasts when pipelines are unqualified. Big problem.

Your current lead generation approaches are useless when your selling team goes up-market or to the enterprise. You know referrals are the best sales strategy for attracting new clients and expanding business within existing client companies. But do you have a strategic, systematic referral program with real metrics to drive accountability and results? The vast majority of sales organizations don’t, and their prospecting suffers for it.

Want to drive your sales needle off the charts and outsmart the competition? With a steady stream of referral introductions, your team will score meetings with prospects in one call, while the losers are still clicking keys, cold calling, and trying to identify decision-makers. Best of all, referral sellers convert 70% of prospects into clients. (No, I didn’t make that up.)

In the age of digital dependence, it’s easy to forget that relationships rule in sales—always have and always will. This is what drives business development. And how do you scale relationships? With referral selling.

Ready to give your b2b sales team referral proven sales skills that work and a referral program that scales? Call me at +1 415-461-8763 or email

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