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September Referral Selling Insights—Get Started for $47


Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month. “I don’t discount, and I don’t run fire sales.” That’s what I’ve always said. But sometimes, even when a program has helped people, it’s time to retire it and make room for new programs. It’s that time for my “Getting Started” package […]

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Are You Derailing Your Prospecting Success?


You can’t make a living off future promises. It’s tough to shut up. We’re salespeople. We get paid to talk up our solutions. But we must also sell them. We’ve all made this prospecting mistake: The customer told us her challenges. She described in wrenching detail what consistently goes wrong and how these problems are […]

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Beware This Really Big Gap in Your B2B Sales Strategies!

B2B Sales Strategies

Neglect referral plans at your own risk. “Mind the gap” is a famous phrase in London. It alerts travelers to the potentially dangerous space between the platform and train on the London underground system. This gap occurs on curved platforms. There’s a gap at the end car on inside curves, and a gap in the […]

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Is Your Online Brand Different than Your In-Person Brand?

B2B Sales

In B2B sales, it’s important to make a good first impression. You are your brand. Your company has a brand, but people buy from you, not your company. If you’re a jerk, it doesn’t matter how great the business is. Buyers will find another salesperson from your company or go to your competitor. Today your […]

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Are Your Salespeople in the Top 90%?

get referrals

Here’s how to actually win with referral sales strategies. More than 90 percent of salespeople convert at least half of their prospects to clients when they get referrals. And another 60 percent report a conversion rate of more than 70 percent. These stats are from a recent webinar I conducted— “Turn Cold to Gold.” I […]

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