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Jan, 25 2010 | Social Selling

Welcome to Web 3.0: You Are the Sales Solution

Our smartest, tried & true business-development, lead-generation, deal-closing tool has always been ourselves. And that’s not going to change anytime soon—if ever. Nothing’s really changed in the sales world, although many pundits rant about the “new normal,” “new realities,” Web 2.0… Web 3.0… .

Jan, 18 2010 | Referral Sales

Join Me at the No More Cold Calling 2010 Webinar

You know I love to share my love of referrals. So here’s your personal invitation to join David Nour, author of ConnectAbility and Relationship Economics®, and me for the one-hour, FREE No More Cold Calling in 2010 Webinar on January 26th. Catapult Your Sales Through Referrals Consistently attract your best and most profitable clients while […]

Jan, 05 2010 | Referral Sales

Win the Sales Game With Winning Emails

You’ve become a top-notch referral networker, you take action on your referral sales plan, and you leave excellent voicemail messages. What messages does your email communication convey? With ever-present Internet access (“crackberry,” anyone?) and Twitter, your emails and character-limited “tweets” say as much about you as your business card. A whole new school of thought […]

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