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Jan, 25 2011 | Referral Sales

Why Cold Calling Is the Bottom of the Barrel


InsideView nailed it by titling its Sales Intelligence blog “Why Cold Calling is the Bottom of the Barrel”. Finally, a Sales 2.0 company states that cold calls are dead.Yet, many sales people continue to cold call. My definition of a cold call: You call a person who does not know you and is not expecting […]

Jan, 18 2011 | Referral Sales

Prioritize Your Sales Activities: Close What’s Closest to Cash

Structure your day to make the business-development, sales-funnel, and work time. What’s the first thing you do every day? I bet you can’t wait to get to your email, or check Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What time do you surface from all this activity? Some of my clients tell me, “lunchtime.” I don’t really think […]

Jan, 12 2011 | Sales Leadership

Out of the Office—For Real

“I’m not working today.” That’s the email message I received from a client in response to information I sent at his request.  How are you not working if you’re checking email? It’s the blessing and the curse of those of us in sales. As entrepreneurs, we have the flexibility to state our own hours, take […]

Jan, 07 2011 | Referral Sales

Your Change: Shout It Out

I said I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but Jonathan Farrington, blogger extraordinaire and creator of Top Sales World, wrote a remarkable post. The following excerpts are from Jonathan’s blog: ““Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” – Hal […]

Jan, 04 2011 | Referral Sales

New Year’s Resolutions Are Rubbish

The New Year’s Resolution checklist: Every year it’s the same—we make New Year’s resolutions about everything—but mostly about eating better, losing weight, and better managing our finances. Articles about resolutions are all over the media: newspapers, magazines, radio and TV spots. Email inboxes are crowded with email marketing chock-full of new year’s resolution products and […]

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