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Feb, 25 2011 | Enterprise, Referral Sales, Small Business

The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

Your mother was right: Writing a thank you note can, indeed, make your sales business. A thank you goes a long way—thanks for a referral, thanks for new business, thanks for the meeting. When clients ask if they should send a note, make a call, or send an email as a thank you for a […]

Feb, 15 2011 | Enterprise, Small Business

How to Ride the Economic Wave (and Diversify Your Risk)

Frequent market ups and downs create a highly volatile stock market. Note to Investors: Make your adjustments sooner, rather than later. One of my colleagues, Nanette Lee Miller (Partner, Assurance Services, Marcum LLP, shared a nugget of wisdom she received from financial advisors in the investment community. It’s a new potential paradigm. There is a […]

Feb, 08 2011 | Enterprise, Small Business

Never Say This In Sales…

Since the economic downturn, many “so-called” referral experts have emerged. I bristle when I read the inaccurate information and sure-to-fail advice they give sellers about how to ask for referrals. Many tell sales people to wait to ask for a referral until they have closed a sale—or even until they have implemented their solution. This […]

Feb, 01 2011 | Referral Sales, Small Business

There’s No Such Thing as “Soft” In Sales

Why are people writing about “soft selling” and “soft closes?” There’s no such thing. These folks must think that salespeople are pushy, in-your-face, push product, and don’t really care about the customer. Well, some are like that, and those people give sales a bad name. But most of us are better than that. Much better. […]

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