Apr, 29 2011 | Featured

Check Out InsideView’s “25 Influential Leaders in Sales”: Joanne’s at the top of the list!

Apr, 21 2011 | Enterprise, Referral Sales, Small Business

Adopt a Targeted Referral Strategy

Make referral selling your priority. (Note: The word “priority” is singular.) Get Real Words of wisdom from a client: “Joanne, the challenge is always in the execution.” He said that 20 years ago. I’ve never forgotten, because it’s still true. On the one hand, sales people agree that referral selling is hands-down their best sales […]

Apr, 18 2011 | Enterprise

Give Me a “Yes,” Give Me a “No,” But Not a “Maybe”

Definitive information lets me decide how and where to spend my business development time. I’d always prefer to hear a client say “Yes! Let’s work together.” But, I’d rather hear a “No” than a “Maybe.” Clients who tell you maybe, string you along. You hang onto that string of hope that things may change. They’re […]

Apr, 12 2011 | Small Business

Small Business Gets a Tax Boost from the U.S. Government

I’m not a political person—sometimes that’s to my advantage and sometimes not. However, in this case, I was thrilled to read that the U.S. Senate voted to repeal a controversial 1099 provision that would have required small businesses to report to the IRS all payments above $600. Those of us who knew about this provision […]

Apr, 03 2011 | Enterprise, Referral Sales, Small Business

Clients Buy the Expert!

The age of the generalist is gone. Sell more by narrowing your offerings. It works. by Joanne Black For some salespeople, specifically describing their Ideal Client feels confining; as if they’re leaving good business on the table. We often think that if we don’t mention everything we offer, we’ll miss a sale. The opposite is […]