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Aug, 25 2011 | Referral Sales

You Never Know…

When customers are ready to talk to you. Selling is tough. We receive a referral introduction, respond to a request from our website, meet a sales prospect at a trade show, or answer a phone call from an interested and qualified prospect. We qualify, ensure our solution is a match, perhaps conduct a demo, get […]

Aug, 18 2011 | Referral Sales

Smart Calling? Get Real

Social media provides terrific research, but it doesn’t warm your calls. Cold is still cold. More and more, sales professionals use social media as an indispensable sales and prospecting tool. It provides valuable insight into prospects and decision makers. The social media impact prompts some sales pros to wonder if cold calling is dead, and […]

Aug, 11 2011 | Referral Sales

When’s the Right Time to Ask for a Referral?

Hint: It’s never too soon, it’s always too late When should I ask for referrals? A common question from salespeople, but more of a concern that reflects the discomfort many of us feel when we ask for referrals. We don’t want to appear pushy, or salesy, or arrogant, so we push asking for referrals further […]

Aug, 04 2011 | Referral Sales

You’re the Missing Link in Your Sales Success

Make a direct connection with your referral network. It makes all the difference. When salespeople receive a referral, their close rate exceeds 50 percent (clients tell me typically 70 percent or higher). Leads from other, less-direct sources have a 1 to 3 percent close rate. “Personal” Pushes Sales to Success The definition of a referral […]

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