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Nov, 17 2011 | Referral Sales

The Business Case for Referrals: Do the Math

The Premise Referral prospects convert to clients a minimum 50% Average sale is $25K (USD) – Adjust this number for your business 90-day timeframe to close the sale

Nov, 17 2011 | Referral Sales

Book Your Sales Calendar: Five Lunches, Four Breakfasts

Employ a referral-sales strategy and you’ll close business on more than 50 percent of your sales meetings. Really. The secret to building a solid sales business? Five lunches and four breakfasts each week. That’s nine meetings a week. It could be 10, but who wants to meet for breakfast on Monday morning? The Magic Meeting […]

Nov, 10 2011 | Sales Leadership

Stand Up For Your Sales Self

Don’t believe everything they say, believe what they do. And do right by your business—you’ll be glad you did. I recently delivered a keynote address on referral sales at a company sales meeting, and I met several interesting and important (in the company) people. I typically offer to autograph my book, and I give it […]

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