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Dec, 29 2011 | Referral Sales

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

Giving thanks for taking the time to connect—the old-fashioned way. I know it’s PC to be green. We all want to protect our environment, and a decrease in paper consumption is always a good thing. But I’ll be honest: I do love receiving a paper card in my real-life mailbox. Life Is High Touch Thank […]

Dec, 15 2011 | Referral Sales

Trust: Get It Right the First Time

In an era of wrecked public faith in business and economic stability, salespeople need to deliver on trustworthiness every single day. How many times have you heard the phrase, “Trust me.”? Uh, huh. Sure. Some people engender trust immediately. Most don’t. Those who do have a special way about them:  they exude self-confidence, and they […]

Dec, 01 2011 | Referral Sales

Your Unfair Business Advantage

32 top sales and marketing experts from five countries share their top tips. My colleague in New Zealand, Graham McGregor, has recently released an amazing 396-page eBook loaded with useful marketing tips, techniques, and strategies. The Unfair Business Advantage Report includes interviews with 32 top sales and marketing experts (including yours truly) from 5 countries. Graham has […]

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