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Jan, 26 2012 | Referral Sales

3 Sales Myths That Are Killing You

(and you probably don’t even know it) Tom Searcy, of Hunt Big Sales caught my attention with his 3 sales myths’ post on CBS MoneyWatch. First, I loved the title. Second, I agree with his points of view. Third, I realized that I was subscribing to one of the myths, and I stopped immediately. Tom brings […]

Jan, 19 2012 | Uncategorized

What America needs most can be describe in one word… (fill in the blank)!

It’s time to stop complaining, and start committing to your sales excellence. You might anticipate my answer to what I think America needs most is referrals. You’d be partly correct. It’s not only what America needs; it’s what the world needs. You know by now that referrals don’t just happen. Referrals must be the focus […]

Jan, 12 2012 | Uncategorized

Want the Sale? Watch What You Say…

Act like a professional, speak like a professional. Your words make all the difference. “Connect with people, and you have the sale. Connect with the business issue only, and forget it.” I wrote something like that in my book, and it still rings true. However, “connecting” doesn’t mean using slang and words and phrases that […]

Jan, 05 2012 | Uncategorized

New Year’s Resolutions Are Rubbish

The key to really changing behavior is commitment and manageable goals—go weekly! The New Year’s Resolution checklist: Every year it’s the same—we make New Year’s resolutions about everything—but mostly about eating better, losing weight, and better managing our finances. Some of you may even have “build a referral business” in your list of resolutions (hurrah!). […]

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