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Feb, 23 2012 | Referral Sales

Why Sales Hates Marketing: 9 Reasons

Here’s why your marketing team and your sales team can’t get along.  Journalist Geoffrey James tackles the debate about sales and marketing alignment, and who owns the client: “The war between Sales and Marketing is both legendary and debilitating. And yet it’s probably fair to say that the future of your company lies in your […]

Feb, 16 2012 | Referral Sales

Toss the Technology—Relationships Still Rule

Technology has its place, but nothing beats the person-to-person referral sale. The Internet and other technology breakthroughs have fundamentally changed the way we do business. New technology is created at warp speed, and customers expect immediate decisions. This cycle of ever-increasing speed and sophistication not only creates an intensely competitive marketplace, but places further demands […]

Feb, 09 2012 | Lead Generation

How to Generate More Customers With Fewer, Heartier Leads

It’s the quality of your leads, not the massive number of leads, that make the positive difference in your business development. What a great headline, and it isn’t mine. It pulled me in. I had to find out if referral generation was integral to fewer, yet heartier leads. It wasn’t, but this excerpt is still […]

Feb, 02 2012 | Referral Sales

Have You Spoken With Your E-Quaintance Lately?

Real-world sales may start online, but the real connection and success happens offline, in the real world. Join me. In our technology-obsessed world, we regularly hear new words and phrases—ones that someone made up and then created the definition. Words that are overused and mostly unexplained. Here are a few, just for starters: Gamification, Web 3.0, […]

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