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Mar, 29 2012 | Referral Sales

Let Me Know Who You Are: 3 Sales Tips to Connect

Technology is helpful, but the personal delivers. Here’s how not to use LinkedIn for your business-development. LinkedIn is a terrific sales tool. We learn about a prospect’s current business, where they used to work, where they went to school, their interests, travels, and how we’re connected. Leverage Your Business Development LinkedIn is one way to […]

Mar, 22 2012 | Referral Sales

You Can’t Negotiate This…

Stick with core brand building, innovation, and product development, even in volatile markets. It’s tempting, in a yo-yo economic climate to slash costs and investment across the board. Don’t. Get selective. Get lean. Discretionary spending is negotiable. What’s not negotiable are brand building, innovation, and product development. That’s what Ram Charan wrote in Fortune on February […]

Mar, 08 2012 | Referral Sales

Person to Person Is Back

In an era powered by technology, connecting with the person still matters Perhaps you remember Edward R. Murrow and the show, “Person to Person”. The Private Lives of Public People Beginning in 1953, the Person to Person program developed out of “Edward R. Murrow’s belief that human beings are innately curious. That curiosity was intense […]

Mar, 08 2012 | Referral Sales

Hire Joanne As Your Outsourced VP of Sales

Mar, 05 2012 | Referral Sales

Happy 5th Anniversary, Top Sales Experts!

I love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries (after all, we work so hard, and it feels great to revel in the good things in life). Our friends at Top Sales Experts are celebrating their 5th anniversary, and it’s my pleasure to toast the global sales community’s publication, Top Sales World. I’m a regular contributor to Top […]

Mar, 01 2012 | Referral Sales

The Multitasking Myth: Are You a Culprit?

Juggling many activities decreases your productivity by 25 percent. I slip into multitask mode when I know I shouldn’t. I check email when I’m on a call,  should be writing, on my phone (not, of course, while I’m driving). Are you a multitasking culprit? Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of The Energy Project, wrote a great […]

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