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Sep, 27 2012 | Referral Sales

InsideView: It’s Like Ancestry.com for B2B Sales

Sales intelligence can identify connections between colleagues within an organization and prospects to reveal opportunities for meaningful sales contact. People buy from people. But how do you find, nurture, and build key referral connections? You find a quick and easy way to connect the dots between the person you want to meet and someone you […]

Sep, 19 2012 | Referral Sales

It’s Not About the Sales Niche Anymore

The “change or die” motto lives on in sales. Define and communicate what distinguishes you from your competition. It used to be that you knew you were on your game if you targeted the Holy Grail of specific markets: the ultra-affluent, professional services, networking, mobility, and small business (these were hot for awhile). Then everyone […]

Sep, 13 2012 | Referral Sales

How to Get Your Prospects to Call You Back

It’s not a sales secret: when you receive a referral, you’ll always connect. This blog headline, “How to Get Your Prospects to Call You Back,” nearly sent me screaming out of my office. Why even ask this question? Getting prospects to call you back is deceptively simple. Receive a referral introduction from a trusted colleague […]

Sep, 07 2012 | Referral Sales

You Really Don’t Have Time to Prospect for Referrals?

Put your money where your mouth is and pick up the phone. Nothing is more important than generating new business. “I was so busy this week. I neglected to make time to call and ask for referrals.” That’s what a client told me. But I didn’t let her get away with it – a lame […]

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