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Dec, 13 2012 | Referral Sales

How to Get Five Referrals With the Power of Five

Don’t wait 824 years. Did you know that this year, December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays? This only happens once every 824 years. My colleague, Cindy Fassler, CEO of TSS Jobs, shared this information in her weekly tips email. What will you do with all of these extras? This is a perfect […]

Dec, 06 2012 | Referral Sales

Unplug, Recharge Your Business Battery, and Be Better for It

Sales hums with on-the-go, in-touch, and connected relationships. Even referral-selling stars need a little down time. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. American Airlines got it in five. What’s your passion, where do you want to travel, where do you spend your time? Stop and think about it. Stop and do it. […]

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