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Jan, 31 2013 | Referral Sales

Take Your Sales Conversations Offline and Get That Referral Sale

Social media doesn’t “warm” your call, you do. A company tells its salespeople to do their research—to gather every piece of sales intelligence; exploit all of their social media channels; know a little bit about the prospect and the trigger events at his company; and then all their salespeople need to do is call or […]

Jan, 24 2013 | Referral Sales

Who Said Referrals Were Six Degrees of Separation?

New data suggests that there are fewer than five degrees of separation—your referral network just got turbocharged. New social media data debunks the well-known factoid that it’s just six degrees of separation that connects us to others. Staying in touch with your social network just got even more important. Here’s why, according to Southwest Airlines’ […]

Jan, 19 2013 | Referral Sales

Dial In: Referral Sales Talk on Blog Talk Radio | New Show, Weds. 9/18.

Jan, 17 2013 | Referral Sales

When You Work It, It Works

Develop your 30-minute sales plan and referral program, and discover a business-development strategy that delivers. Writing sales plans? Setting goals? Who has time? You do! Perhaps I don’t want to write a sales plan and set my goals, because then I’ll actually have to do them. Or, I think, “I’ll get to it later,” and […]

Jan, 10 2013 | Referral Sales

High Touch, High Tech: Sales Needs Both to Survive

Selling is a person-to-person business. It’s been said that buyers already know everything they need to know about your company and your products and solutions before they ever speak to a salesperson. This suggests that buyers don’t really need us anymore—that sales has become so automated, and that salespeople are irrelevant. This couldn’t be further […]

Jan, 03 2013 | Referral Sales, Social Selling

Social Media Marketing Is NOT the Same As Social Selling

Everyone yelling, “Me, too!” as they hop on the social media bandwagon makes for a crowded ride. Understand the platforms, distinguish yourself, and get ahead of the noise. Want to get the real scoop about social selling? There are a lot of fakes out there and a lot of confusing lingo. My colleague, Barb Giamanco […]

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