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May, 30 2013 | Referral Sales

Failing to Meet Your Quota?

Even though most salespeople haven’t met quota in years, sales managers have greater expectations than ever. Here’s how to generate more leads and blow your numbers out of the water. Only 63 percent of sales reps met quota in 2012, according to the 19th annual CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization study, the same number as […]

May, 29 2013 | Referral Sales

5 Tips to Get Started with Referral Selling

5 Tips to Get Started with Referral Selling from joannesblack Cold Calling is a waste of time and resources. People who don’t expect, or want your call are not your top prospects.  • Why cold calling is the bottom of the barrel—and how to tell when you are conducting a cold call, even when you […]

May, 23 2013 | Referral Sales

Without ROI, Your Sale is DOA

Forget the bells and whistles. Your clients want to know what you can do for them. You may have the coolest product on the market, but if you can’t justify ROI for your solution, sophisticated buyers won’t care one bit about your innovative functionality and exciting new features. All too many salespeople still talk in […]

May, 16 2013 | Referral Sales

Why Old-School Selling No Longer Works

Just say no to “no.” There’s a longstanding mantra in sales: The more no’s we get, the closer we are to a yes. Well, not in my book. It’s time to retire and toss this worn-out way of thinking.  Out With the Old This sales mantra emanates from an old-school sales formula: Make 100 cold […]

May, 09 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Why Cost Per Lead is Irrelevant

Guest blogger, Matt Heinz, shares three sales metrics that will keep your pipeline full of qualified leads. Generating qualified leads is the job of sales. When a qualified lead becomes a qualified opportunity, we’re really ahead of the sales game. And when our sales and marketing teams work together effectively, that’s an unbeatable combination. Matt […]

May, 02 2013 | Referral Sales

Earn the Right to Ask

You must earn the right to ask for referrals—which is why your clients are your best possible Referral Sources. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” While social media can be a valuable sales tool, not everyone who hosts a blog or posts on social media […]

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