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Aug, 29 2013 | Referral Sales

Don’t Tell Me—Show Me

Today’s skeptical buyers don’t want to hear about the value of your product. They want to see how it can transform their businesses. Small business is the heartbeat of America. And the Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in that success by facilitating connections among members and offering relevant content to help companies grow. […]

Aug, 22 2013 | Referral Sales

You Can’t “Fit it In”?

Reap the only reward that matters. An experienced, high-performing salesperson recently bragged to me about his skill at cold calling. He said he was engaging on the phone, had a booming broadcaster voice, and had landed some of his best business by cold calling. So why was he talking to me? He knew referrals were […]

Aug, 15 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

The average tenure of a sales manager is just 18 months. Yet, our sales teams need strong leaders more than ever. Would you rather have a job with a reliable salary like everyone else, or one where you must perform well to get paid well? You’re a salesperson. You thrive on challenges and risk-taking. You […]

Aug, 08 2013 | Referral Sales

Sales Is Tough: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Success

Our job is a rewarding one, but it’s not easy. Acquirent COO Jeff Purtell shares his own sales success strategies. “Sales is the best job in the world.” I wrote these words in my first book, more than 6 years ago, and I still believe them to be true. But as this month’s guest blogger […]

Aug, 01 2013 | Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Make Referrals Your Priority

It’s up to you to lead the referral-selling charge. Whether you are CEO, vice president, or a sales manager, you have a central role in your company’s sales process and in the decision to transition to referral selling—the only business-development strategy proven to convert prospects into clients more than 50 percent of the time. Referral […]

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