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Sep, 26 2013 | Referral Sales

Don’t Hand Me Off

If you’re not making your clients feel important, they’ll find someone who will. Call me crazy, but when I spend money with people, I expect them to treat me well, to follow up with me, and to have processes in place to ensure my needs get met. I recently received the following note from a […]

Sep, 19 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

How Packed Is Your Pipeline?

The best sales reps are 250 percent better at qualifying leads than their peers. As salespeople, the most important indicator of our success is the state of our pipelines—whether they’re full of qualified leads that will keep us hitting our numbers in the months to come or clogged with prospects who will never pay off […]

Sep, 12 2013 | Referral Sales

Don’t Let Your Buyers Take Control

Instead of letting your buyers be judge and jury, make them your partners in “crime.” Nancy Bleeke and I met online, but that was just the beginning of our relationship. We developed a deeper understanding of each other by talking on the phone. We both have extensive sales experience, so we committed to learning from […]

Sep, 05 2013 | Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Get the Rocks Off the Road

Set your sales team up for success! Sales may not be easy, but it is simple. There are just two parts to sales: 1) Getting in front of the right people, and 2) everything that happens after that. I’m not trying to be flippant, but let’s tell it like it is and stop complicating the […]

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