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Aug, 28 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

How to Get Prospects to Call You Back

If no one’s returning your calls, you must be cold calling. I see you. I know who’s calling. If I don’t recognize the name or number on my screen, I won’t answer. I’ll wait for you to leave a message, but you won’t. No one leaves a message when they’re just cold calling a list. […]

Aug, 26 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Why Your Email Goes Unanswered

Pick up the phone and be heard above the clatter. We all know digital communication isn’t as personal or powerful as a live conversation. But we tell ourselves that it’s faster, easier, and more convenient. And that’s just not always true. Digital conversations often take longer and become far more complicated than a simple phone […]

Aug, 21 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Social Selling

Joanne Talks Social Selling with LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton

Social selling is a powerful tool for salespeople who prospect through referrals, but only if you do it right. Relationships still rule in business, and especially in sales. Whether you’re connecting with someone in person or online, your goal is to begin a conversation, ask questions, and develop a relationship—not scare people away by immediately […]

Aug, 19 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

I Don’t Know You, so Don’t Ask Me for a Referral

People only refer people they know and trust. If you’re asking strangers on social media for referrals, you’re like the guy at a networking event who shoves his card in people’s face and asks for theirs in return. I never give my card to that guy, because he’s all about himself. He probably just wants […]

Aug, 14 2014 | Referral Sales

Every Sale Should Be THIS Easy

With referral selling, the hard part is over before you ever speak to prospects. “How can you help me?” asked Jim, my prospect. He’d been explaining an exciting referral initiative he was rolling out around the country. While it seemed to be working great, he still wanted to know how I could contribute. At first […]

Aug, 12 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Love Them or They’ll Leave

Absence doesn’t make your customers’ hearts grow fonder. Your clients want to hear from you … really. They don’t want a pitch or even to hear about your services. They want to know what you know. Many of your clients don’t get out of the office very often. They keep their heads buried in their […]

Aug, 07 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

[Message to Management]: Your Team Is Wasting Your Time

Are you spending too much time cleaning up after sub-par performers? Salespeople not performing, dragging you down, and compromising your team‘s sales effectiveness? Get rid of deadwood as fast as you can. Well, maybe not so fast. First, consider whether you should take the hit. Perhaps you didn’t equip them with the skills and tools […]

Aug, 05 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

I Don’t Want Your Deck

Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much information. I met Charles on LinkedIn. I liked his profile—and the fact he sent me a personal invitation—so I accepted the connection, and we started a conversation. I was intrigued by his offering and wanted to learn more, so we spoke on the phone. By the end of […]

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