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Oct, 29 2015 | Sales Leadership

Why Words Matter More than Ever in Business to Business Sales

Guest blogger Linda Richardson busts the body language myth and explains why your words help seal the deal. You’ve heard the saying: “People buy with emotion and justify with fact.” That’s why the words you use matter and why business to business sales “pitches” fall flat. Unless you can tap into what’s really going on […]

Oct, 22 2015 | Sales Leadership

No One Wants Your Cold Calls

When you get referrals, you get meetings with one call. I’ve heard it takes at least seven to 10 touches for sales teams who cold call and cold email prospects to connect with decision-makers. They research their targets (sometimes), identify trigger events, and create a compelling message (or so they think). But even after all […]

Oct, 15 2015 | Sales Leadership

3 Reasons Sales Teams Should Never Ask for Referrals on LinkedIn

Don’t alienate your social networks by asking for referrals the wrong way. Are your reps just clicking buttons to invite people to connect on LinkedIn? Or worse yet, to ask for referrals? The “standard” invite has become pretty standard. But it’s not enough for salespeople, whose job is to build relationships. Where’s the “hello?” Where’s […]

Oct, 08 2015 | Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman

What do women in sales and engineers have in common? An engineer who sells? I didn’t understand what one skill set had to do with the other … until I spoke to Ellen, an executive saleswoman at a semi-conductor company. As you might imagine, Ellen is typically the only woman in the room—which gives her […]

Oct, 06 2015 | Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Help Me Take “Big Deals and High Heels” on the Road

I need your help to spread the word about women in sales. Men say they don’t understand women. Women say men don’t listen. Men say the best salespeople they know are women, but they also say we should stop talking so much and get to the point. How do we ever get any work done […]

Oct, 01 2015 | Sales Leadership

Want Prospects Who Want to Hear from You? Get Referrals

Pack your pipeline with nothing but hot referral leads. I recently scored a meeting with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It took me one call to get on his calendar. Why? I received a referral introduction from his trusted friend and advisor. During our 30-minute call, I learned what this CEO expected from […]

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