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Mar, 24 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Why Isn’t Your Team Getting Enough Qualified Sales Leads?

Sales leaders’ chief concern is lackluster lead generation, according to new CSO Insights study. Greg had barely taken his seat when he told me his greatest challenge was getting his sales reps to generate enough qualified sales leads. His company was a fairly new player in his industry, and they were competing against “the big […]

Mar, 17 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Social Selling

Social Selling: What the Sales Pros Do Differently

What makes the most influential sellers so successful on social media? Any sales professional who says it’s easy to keep up communication on social networks is either lying or doing it incorrectly. Done right, social selling is a time-consuming task that requires thought and focused effort. Your marketing department can help by providing relevant content […]

Mar, 10 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Sales Managers—Pay Attention to How Your Reps Communicate

Sales Managers

Do your salesmen and women sound more like teenagers than professionals? Can your sales reps put a sentence together? The words salespeople use define them in the eyes of customers, just as their voices and demeanor do. But in the digital world, strong communication is becoming a lost art. People have become accustomed to typing […]

Mar, 03 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

It Takes 3 Things for Women in Sales to Be Bulldogs. Find Out How

Woman in Sales, Women in Sales

Here’s what I’ve learned about selling from some top women leaders. When she referred to herself as a “bulldog,” the idea conjured up images of a pushy, arrogant, aggressive, in-your-face salesperson—the kind none of us wants to be. But that’s not what she meant. She’s tenacious. She sells with confidence. She’s dedicated and loyal—a dog […]

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