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May, 29 2016 | Newsletter

[Missed Connections] Referral Selling Insights from May

Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month. I didn’t really know anyone, except through social media. We’d shared content, commented on each other’s posts, and corresponded a few times. But I didn’t expect the reaction I got when I met more than 24 of my social media connections this […]

May, 26 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Do You Make Time for Your Sales Reps to Practice?

No one wins the game without putting in the practice. “From this day on I’d like to be known as ‘The Big Aristotle’ because Aristotle once said, ‘Excellence is not a singular act; it’s a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.’” —Shaquille O’Neal Practice? Who me? Sure, sales reps know they must practice new […]

May, 19 2016 | Referral Sales, Social Selling

Do Your Sales Reps Act Like Sales Snobs or Social Stalkers?

Maximize your net worth via your referral network. Steve, a salesman with an enterprise company, invited me to connect on LinkedIn. I accepted his standard invitation, thinking he might be a good connection, and sent a personal message inviting him to contact me with any questions about referral selling. His response: “What is referral selling?” […]

May, 12 2016 | Sales Leadership

Why Specificity Matters for Lead Generation

Whether you’re crafting a strong headline or asking for referrals, it pays to be specific. Lead generation is personal … very personal. Imagine you’re looking for a long-term romantic relationship. You don’t just want anyone “single and good-looking.” You want someone who is smart, hardworking, honest, and loves theater and concerts. Or perhaps someone who […]

May, 05 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Social Selling

How Social Selling Got Me 21 Meetings in 2 Days

Never forget that selling is social. The magic number is 21. No, I’m not playing blackjack. That’s the number of people I’m meeting for the first time at the Sales Innovation Expo in London this month. I’ve never spoken with any of them. I met them all on LinkedIn and Twitter. So, why do they […]

May, 01 2016 | Newsletter

[Missed Connections] Referral Selling Insights from April

Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling last month. I ran a Facebook ad for the first time … ever. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first book, No More Cold Calling, I offered it on Kindle for 99 cents for one day only—April 14. While I didn’t believe in […]

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