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Nov, 29 2018 | Newsletter, Referral Sales

’Tis the Season to Expand Your Referral Network: November Referral Selling Insights

Sure, it’s hectic. You’re busy closing out the year, but you also have lots of invitations for parties, client events, and other business networking opportunities. This is the best time to build your referral network. Make the most of it. Attend everything you can, enrich relationships with people you know, and meet new people. Get […]

Nov, 22 2018 | Uncategorized

It’s Time to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., and I’m taking a break. I’m taking the time to appreciate my amazing family and friends, my clients who have become friends, and my remarkable team at No More Cold Calling—whom I want to acknowledge now: Taylor Mallory Holland—the most remarkable editor, who makes everything I […]

Nov, 16 2018 | Business Development, Lead Generation, Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Video

How to Actually Scale Your Referral Business

If you think referrals don’t scale, you’re just doing it wrong. Sales leaders often tell me that referral leads are their most qualified, most convertible leads. Then in the next breath, they tell me referral business doesn’t scale. Before I got really annoyed and was ready to blast them, I took a closer look at […]

Nov, 08 2018 | Business Development, Lead Generation, Referral Sales, Women in Sales

Do Words Make a Difference for Women in Sales?

Watch what you say, and do what you say.  “I want you to know it hasn’t gone unnoticed that there are no women on our sales team.” That comment came from the CEO of a fast-growing software company. Not only were there no women, but the sales team was all white men of a certain […]

Nov, 02 2018 | Business Development, Lead Generation, Referral Sales

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get the Referral on LinkedIn

How to connect beyond the click when asking for referrals. My client, Sue, identified a colleague on LinkedIn who knew her prospect, George—a high-profile, very senior buyer. She’d tried asking for referrals to George on LinkedIn, but she felt their introductions lacked the emotion needed to convince George to meet with her. This time, she […]

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