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Jul, 18 2019 | Video

[Video Overkill] Am I the Only One Who Would Rather Read?

Your video marketing doesn’t work for me. Salespeople and content marketers, I don’t like watching your videos. I have to put my earbuds in, and that breaks my concentration. Video is not my learning style. I can read and get your point much faster than I can listen. The caption below your video is distracting […]

Jul, 11 2019 | Sales Leadership

How Warren Buffett Spends His Time [The Life Punchcard Theory]

Are you “all in” or just dabbling? Most people (especially sales leaders) share the same frustrations: How do I fit everything in? How do I catch up? How do I innovate? How do I balance work and family? There aren’t enough hours in the day. I want to do so many things, and I’ll never […]

Jul, 04 2019 | Sales Leadership

Let Freedom Ring: My Sentiments on July 4

My visit to Normandy on the 75th anniversary of D-Day gave me a lot to think about this July 4. I hadn’t been to France since I was 22, and last month I visited Paris and Normandy. Paris is still a gorgeous city with a rich history. Normandy was beyond anything I’d experienced. Some of […]

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