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A Message From Joanne

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Thank you for your participation!

By Joanne Black

A personal message from No More Cold Calling founder, Joanne Black. Listen now.

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2 Responses to A Message From Joanne

  1. MONICA ARIAS says:

    Hi Joanne! Just a brief email to let you know I am about to start a brand new small business and your articles on referrals have opened a new door to new paths towards my goals. Anyway, I am a little bit concerned at the way in which these referrals can be obtained. Some of the people I met in business meetings such as conferences, seminars, etc, that I attended in the last months or so, have found my services very interesting and even adecuate to their needs but I somewhat failed at offering some business referrals because I AM a NEW entrepreneur and simply DO NOT have those referrals yet ! How do you recommend dealing with this situation? I know that my service and expertise are really valuable and that clients will highly benefit from buying my services, but still, I need to face this problem and solve it BEFORE I go out there for more business opportunities. Thank you Joanne ! Mónica

    • The difference between asking for referrals when you’re a new entrepreneur or an established business isn’t so different. First, identify your Ideal Client (http://www.nomorecoldcalling.com/wp/you-get-what-you-ask-for-so-ask/) and be clear about what you offer: Your service, how you make business/life easier for your Ideal Clients, and the value you deliver. You don’t get if you don’t ask!

      Providing referrals is easier than you think! You probably provide tons of referrals during the course of your everyday life. Ask how you can help, and ask people to be specific.

      Referral-based business does not work on a tit-for-tat basis. It works on the strong and trusted foundation of relationships… which can take time to develop. Be patient. Over time, you will be able to provide referrals to those who provide them to you. Remember to not be afraid to ask! People really do enjoy helping others — especially those just starting out on a new venture (and especially those who are clear about the benefit and value they provide and who their Ideal Client is!).

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