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Are Account-Based Sales Reps Motivated by Money?

account-based salesNew research from Xactly suggests it’s more complicated than that.

The title of this post is a question—a seemingly ridiculous one. Of course, account-based sales reps are motivated by money. Who isn’t? But that’s not all that matters to them.

It matters that their clients get results. It matters that implementation is flawless. It matters that their clients provide referrals to their networks.

More importantly, it matters that sales leaders invest in their professional development. And considering 71 percent of sales rep turnover is voluntary, these needs clearly aren’t being met.

So, how do you retain account-based selling teams? This infographic, created by the Sales Management Association and Xactly, illustrates why companies should invest more time and money in their account-based sales reps, and why doing so is cheaper than replacing your team.

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Boost Account-Based Selling with a Referral System

This two-pronged approach of sales compensation and professional development plays out exponentially with referral selling. Compensate your account-based sales reps for referral business they close. But first, you’ll need a referral system that equips them with the skills and tools they need to make it successful.

Referral selling is the only way to get every meeting in one call, ensure only qualified leads in your pipeline, and land and expand into named accounts. It’s your greatest competitive differentiation. Your team gets in early and builds relationships while your competition is clicking buttons and making ice cold calls. Who do you think will win the most deals? (And now we’ve come full circle to another ridiculous question.)

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  1. Hi Mrs Black,
    I’ve seen with pleasure this post.
    Fully agree on the point that money isn’t enough to motivate salespeople…I see that daily during my sales training seminars in Italy .
    …Herzberg docet…
    Many thanks for sharing your insights!

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