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Are Crazy-Busy Prospects Driving You Nuts?

My colleague and good friend, Jill Konrath, has written a brilliant new book, SNAP Selling. I rarely endorse a sales book, because many of them are a bunch of fluff or regenerated material. I devoured Jill’s book. Why? Because she provides a straightforward process and essential tools for selling in today’s frenetic world. I learned a lot, and I’ve been selling my entire career.

When people have too much to do and impossible deadlines, it changes how they make decisions—and their expectations of you. To be successful, you need fresh sales strategies. Jill shows you how to capture and keep the attention of crazy-busy people and how to speed up your sales cycle.

Sneak Peek & 4 Free Sales Tools

To download two chapters of SNAP Selling & get four FREE sales-acceleration tools, just click http://www.SnapSelling.com. I did.

And don’t forget to buy Jill Konrath’s book for more great tools.

2 Responses to Are Crazy-Busy Prospects Driving You Nuts?

  1. Thanks so much for your endorsement. It means a lot to me because I have a huge amount of respect for your opinion & wisdom. And, I know you are very selective in your recommendations.

    I am honored.

    Jill Konrath

  2. I found SNAP Selling to be a great resource,as well. Jill’s ideas about connecting with busy buyers are helpful for developing fresh marketing strategies, too!

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