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  • Why New Sales Leads Aren’t All that Matter in Sales

    Photo of business people’s hands on top of each otherIs your team too busy drumming up new business to focus on existing customers?

    “I’m scared.” That’s what I told an interviewer who asked for my perspective on the future of sales professionals in the next two years. This might sound dramatic, but it’s true. Too many sales teams have lost sight of how B2B sales really works.

    Sales organizations today have their priorities all wrong. They task reps with finding new sales leads, building qualified pipelines, and closing deals. It’s all about driving

  • Want Reps to Get Referrals? Make Them Hurry Off Their Asses

    canstockphoto24620278Face-to-face matters in referral selling.

    “We need to postpone our deal until next quarter.”

    Yikes! No sales leader wants to hear that. It could wreck the company forecast and commissions.

    What could reps have done differently? Maybe nothing. Sometimes deals are out of our control. A company gets acquired, the economy tanks, the sales leader quits, the sky is green … or whatever.

    But sometimes we can change things. Reps can’t move a deal along? Client keeps stalling? Someone needs to get in that client’s face. Face-to-face, that is.

    Strong relationships are why clients

  • What Is Sales Without Relationships?

    bigstock-Group-of-Business-People-Using-701328761-310x233Try a “No Toys at the Table” policy for sales reps.

    When did it become the norm to answer the phone during dinner or to check email while having a conversation? We’re so wired for 24/7 connectivity that we have developed FOMO—fear of missing out.

    The unfortunate result: While we stay up-to-date on what’s happening online, we’re not paying attention to the people right in front of us.

    Unless you’re a doctor on call or you’re waiting for an emergency call from your family, you don’t need to be glued to your

  • Why Your Sales Reps Can’t Automate Referral Leads

    There’s no such thing as a referral machine.

    Everyone loves a good shortcut. We live in microwave time—tapping our fingers because 15 or 30 seconds is just too slow. While there’s much to be said for efficiency, there are no shortcuts when it comes to relationships with customers. And without strong relationships, you can forget about getting referral leads.

    Top salespeople know existing clients are their best source of referrals to new clients. So they put in the time to nurture those relationships and stay in the know about what’s happening with their

  • [Missed Connections]: Referral Selling Insights from October

    Here’s what you might have missed in October—and what to look forward to in November.

    The temperatures are getting cooler, but things have really been heating up at No More Cold Calling this fall. After debuting “Big Deals and High Heels: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling” at Dreamforce, I’m gearing up to take this interactive presentation on the road, bringing a powerful message to both women and men about our brain differences, why they matter, and how to adjust our communication.

    And with Q4 upon us, I’m still working with sales leaders to build referral programs that fill

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