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  • Why You Can’t Automate Relationship-Building in Account-Based Sales

    account-based salesIn this month’s guest post, Tim Hughes discusses social media offenses and how account-based selling teams can avoid them.

    You’re hosting a dinner party at your home. You invite some close friends and ask them to bring guests you don’t know, so everyone can forge new relationships and expand their networks.

    On the night of the party, your first guest arrives with two friends. The doorbell rings again and again, and a flurry of guests arrive. You are so busy answering the door that you don’t greet people. You let them walk

  • #1 Way Account-Based Sales Reps Resolve the Gatekeeper Problem

    account-based salesWant to land and expand? Stop trying to get around the gatekeeper.

    If account-based sales reps want to reach C-suite prospects, the secret is calling at night or on weekends, when their gatekeepers are off duty. Seriously?!

    This is just the latest stupid advice I’ve read about how to bypass the gatekeeper and get decision-makers on the phone. “Expert” tips like this send me out the door screaming.

    High-performing account-based sales professionals don’t waste time cold calling, especially not at night or on weekends. When they do work during off hours, it’s for a

  • Are Account-Based Sales Reps Motivated by Money?

    account-based salesNew research from Xactly suggests it’s more complicated than that.

    The title of this post is a question—a seemingly ridiculous one. Of course, account-based sales reps are motivated by money. Who isn’t? But that’s not all that matters to them.

    It matters that their clients get results. It matters that implementation is flawless. It matters that their clients provide referrals to their networks.

    More importantly, it matters that sales leaders invest in their professional development. And considering 71 percent of sales rep turnover is voluntary, these needs clearly aren’t being met.

    So, how do

  • When Asking for Referrals Can Hurt Account-Based Sales

    account-based salesAvoid this digital danger zone!

    As comedic director Woody Allen once said, 80 percent of success is showing up. Some readers might not know who Woody Allen is, and that’s OK. Just trust me: He was absolutely right on this point. Showing up matters, especially for account-based sales pros—whether it’s showing up in the right place at the right time, showing up to learn, or just showing up to connect.

    But showing up is more complicated than it was when Woody made that quip. Today, when looking for

  • April Referral Selling Insights

    prospectingHere’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    Think winning is acknowledging a prospect’s pain? Think winning is focusing on a prospect’s desired outcome and then demonstrating how your solution gets results they can bank on? That’s not winning. That’s just playing the game—the same game every other salesperson is playing.

    Prospects are bored, and salespeople have become a commodity. We all look the same to our buyers, and that’s a problem. If they can’t distinguish one company from the next, they won’t choose

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