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  • Message to Account Based Selling Teams—Your KPIs Are Messed Up

    Are you Stephanie?

    “I came across No More Cold Calling while looking for resources for our next blog and I knew I had to reach out immediately, kudos on a fantastic blog. My name is Stephanie, I’m on an account based selling team, and I’m reaching out on behalf of a growing startup. This month, we’re looking to secure sponsorship placements with five prominent blogs and No More Cold Calling jumped straight to the top of our list. Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in discussing further.”


  • Could the Best Man for the Account Based Sales Job Be a Woman?

    Research shows women in sales are a good bet.

    Men say they don’t understand women. Women say men don’t listen. Men say the best account based sales reps they know are women, but they also say we should stop talking so much and get to the point. It’s amazing we ever get any work done with such communication gaps dividing the sexes.

    Perhaps some of these perceptions get in the way of us working together. Maybe there’s unconscious bias, maybe men are jealous. (I doubt that, but you never know.)

    I do know it’s

  • Why Your Account Based Sales Reps Shouldn’t Close Business This Year

    You should be focused on lead generation for 2018.

    Closing the sales year with a bang is nice, but signing new clients shouldn’t be the focus for account based selling teams in Q4. Sure, some companies have unused budgets you need to grab, but that is an unlikely scenario. Account based sales reps quarterback complex deals that rely on an exquisitely crafted, fine-tuned prospecting strategy—not a last-minute free-for-all.

    Savvy account based sales reps know the one or two deals they can close this year because they’ve outlined the steps to get there.

  • Don’t Let Your Sales Team Get Spooked: October Referral Selling Insights

    sales teamsHere’s what you might have missed this month from No More Cold Calling.

    The goblins and ghosts that come out at Halloween aren’t all that scary, especially when they’re yelling “trick or treat,” “trick or treat” as they canvas their neighborhoods. Sadly, kids have forgotten the “trick” part of Halloween. They hold out their pumpkins and wait for you to load them up with candy. Much to the chagrin of my family, I now ask trick-or-treaters for a trick. They look at me like I’m from Mars. I then ask them to

  • The Truth About Why Salespeople Get No Respect

    account based salesHere’s how to stop losing deals.

    Sales leaders complain that their account based sales teams don’t get enough qualified leads, their pipelines are fluff, gatekeepers block their access to the C-suite, and the sales process is way too long. Leadership can’t count on accurate forecasts when pipelines are unqualified. Big problem.

    Most account based sales reps would give their right arm for a chance to bypass all the middlemen and talk directly to their buyers—not just once in a while, but routinely. Too bad that almost never happens. After all, CEOs

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