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  • How to Hack Lead Generation with this Simple Principle

    lead generationDon’t expect sales leads to pour in without it!

    I stared at the download form, trying to decide if it was worth it. A colleague had recommended I read this whitepaper, and the content certainly sounded interesting. But as usual, the free download came at a cost: my contact information.

    I could picture the sales rep on the receiving end of that lead generation form, already ramping up to barrage me with emails and stupid cold calling scripts. I took the bait, and sure enough, the calls and emails started that

  • Why Sales Managers Need Street Smarts

    Dr. Tony Alessandra explains why the best sales managers learn on the job.

    Did you study really hard in school? Some of us probably did more than others. But we all studied to take tests about facts and figures. We studied in high school to ace the SAT. We studied in college to get top grades. Studying was a discipline. Sometimes we learned, but the goal was to pass tests.

    Most of us don’t remember much of what we studied in school. Real learning comes from life experience, and most of what we

  • Reasons Cold Calling Is No Good for Account-Based Sellers

    Can one call generate leads better than ten?

    You already know my point of view on cold calling.  No salesperson should ever have to cold call to generate sales leads. It’s an ineffective prospecting strategy and a nuisance to buyers, most of whom ignore cold calls.

    For account-based sellers, it’s not only a waste of time. It’s a waste of perfectly good relationships.

    Current clients at a prospect company are the best source of new business within their organizations. They already know the value that your solution and salespeople bring to the table,

  • December Referral Selling Insights

    Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    You may not have heard, but 2017 will be the year of referral selling. Why? Because as quotas continue to rise and competition gets stiffer, sales managers will have to accept that technology shouldn’t be the main artery to reach prospects.

    Technology doesn’t close deals. People do. Whether you’re a sales leader, an account-based seller, a sales rep, or an entrepreneur, when you receive referral introductions, you get every meeting in one call. While everyone else is clicking away, salespeople

  • Is Sales Automation Making Your Team Soft?

    As your reps rely more on sales technology, they may be forgetting how to actually sell. 

    I used to add long columns of numbers and never had to check my math. I knew I got it right the first time. Not anymore. I usually still get it right, but I feel the need to double check. I’ve become reliant on calculators, because between my phone and my computer, I pretty much always have one on me.

    While adults are forgetting how to solve problems without machines, kids aren’t learning how to do it

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