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  • How Account-Based Sellers Make Money with a Proven Referral Program

    Tired technology just can’t compete now.

    Let me let you in on a secret: Account-based selling isn’t anything new.

    This lead generation strategy is the source of much hype in our industry. There are even new acronyms and monikers, such as “land and expand” and “seed and grow.” People talk about it as if it’s some recently discovered prospecting strategy. But it’s just a new word for what those of us who sell to named accounts have always done.

    Account-based selling is, however, an extremely effective way to sell, especially when it’s partnered with

  • Why Sales Leaders Need Vacation—and Why They Don’t Take It

    sales leadersWhat does it say about you and your team if you can’t unplug?

    During the upcoming winter holidays, most of the business world will shut down. It’s vacation time, family time, rejuvenation time. If you’re planning to work through the “most wonderful time of the year,” or if you haven’t taken at least most of your vacation time this year, ask yourself why.

    Why can’t you take a vacation and actually unplug? Are you concerned that your team can’t do without you? That business will come to a screaming halt if

  • November Referral Selling Insights

    asking for referralsHere’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    Are you fully booked for Q1?

    Closing the sales year with a bang is nice, but if you’re not already getting a jump-start on business development for 2017, you’re running behind. The last quarter of the year is 25 percent about closing business for this year and 75 percent about building a robust pipeline for next year.

    Sure, some companies have budgeted money that they need to spend before December 31. But if you haven’t closed deals by now,

  • Reclaim One to Two Hours of Your Day with Jill Konrath’s New Book [Preorder Now]

    51xsfjtjol-_sx326_bo1204203200_Are you overwhelmed and stressed? Jill Konrath can help you stop the vicious cycle.

    I never expected to hear my friend and colleague Jill Konrath say that she was overwhelmed. After all, she’s a pro—a top speaker, a sales thought leader, a respected author. But she was not just overwhelmed. She’d lost focus, felt stressed, and never caught up.

    When sales reps told her they had the same frustrations, she decided to do something about it.

    She studied neuroscience and realized that the problem is all in our heads … literally. The role of

  • Why Cold Calling and Stupid Prospecting Don’t Work

    cold callingAre your sales reps missing this crucial step in the sales process?

    Bluebirds are great, aren’t they? A prospect is ready to buy and reaches out to your sales reps, who close the deal with little effort. It’s a lucky break, a win/win. But it’s not a reliable lead generation strategy, because your sales reps didn’t initiate prospecting.

    Too many sales organizations now rely on incoming requests and outgoing emails to grab prospects’ attention. Sales reps send stupid messages to strangers on social media, requesting 10 minutes of their time or

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