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  • This Is Why Your Lead Generation Process Isn’t Working

    Find out how to unclog your sales pipeline.

    Let me guess. Your lead generation process plays out like this: You don’t have enough leads in your pipe, and your reps aren’t calling high enough. You can’t count on accurate forecasts when pipelines are unqualified, so you’re never really sure whether your team will make quota until it’s too late.

    Big problem—the kind of problem that will keep a sales leader up at night, or worse, get a sales leader canned.

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Reps say they’re challenged finding

  • Relationships Rule, but Data Drives Sales, Too

    The odds might not be in your sales team’s favor … yet.

    I’ve interviewed many sales reps over the past two months, trying to better understand the challenges they face in today’s fast-paced, digital-first sales environment. They tell me they’re overwhelmed. Projects get thrown at them with no additional support or designated priorities. They recognize that customer experience is key, but they’re burdened down with reports, cold leads, and spending time with clients who are losers, which makes it hard to nurture their best clients. And still they are expected to

  • Don’t Ignore Your Best Sales Leads: July Referral Selling Insights

    Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    prospectingAre you asking for referrals from every one of your clients? Not just your buyers, but from all the people you meet at client companies during the buying process? I’m not a mind-reader, but I already know your answer. No one has ever answered “yes” to this question.

    Why? Because you:

    • Think some people wouldn’t know anyone because your solution is too sophisticated, and they are too junior, too young, or too … fill in the blank. (Fact: You don’t know
  • Reps Not Closing? Pay Attention to Your Sales Pipeline

    Cold leads won’t get your team to quota.

    Closing is never the problem. “Never” is a bold statement, but savvy sales leaders recognize that closing is the easy part. It’s sales prospecting techniques that are messed up. Reps aren’t spending time on the critical business development activities that occur earlier in the sales process, so their sales pipeline is either dry or full of cold leads.

    Trying to teach reps how to close without addressing the broken links in your lead generation system is a lesson in futility. It’s like trying to

  • Want to Get Referrals? (Don’t Do This)

    Don’t assume your team knows how to ask for referrals.

    Tim told me his team was “doing referrals.” He figured they knew how to get referrals because he told them to do it. I asked how that approach was working for him. Dead silence.

    And therein lies the problem. A big problem. It’s the misguided belief that “telling” translates to “doing.”

    The web is replete with articles and webcasts that tell people to just go ask for referrals, like it’s common sense or something. (It’s not.) One author stated that 20 percent of a

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