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  • Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

    Getting past the gatekeeper shouldn’t be so daunting.

    Why is getting past the gatekeeper and finding qualified leads so challenging for salespeople? Because the process has gotten incredibly complicated, even though it can almost be a no-brainer.

    At most companies, the sales process is a balancing act that doesn’t always work so well. It starts with inbound leads: responding to leads from marketing, answering website inquiries, and following up with podcast and webinar attendees. Then there’s outbound lead generation: identifying trigger events, determining relevant content to send in an email, creating messaging, preparing

  • Does Sales Lead Generation Really Require a College Degree?

    Street smarts or book smarts—which is better for sales?

    We only hired college graduates, or so I thought. So, when the president of my company hired a Sales VP without a degree, I challenged him. He said that Craig, the new VP, had the sales leadership experience we needed, and that a degree, in this case, was irrelevant.

    It turns out the president was right. As the manager of a geographically diverse sales team, I reported directly to Craig. I learned more from him about sales lead generation and how to engage clients

  • The Shocking Secret to Make Asking for Referrals Easier

    Describe your ideal client.

    Does everyone know your ideal client profile? That’s the question I asked more than 500 sales pros. Only 25.31 percent answered yes. That means three-quarters of account based sales teams have failed to complete the first step in asking for referrals—making it clear who they want to meet.

    If people don’t know exactly who your team wants to meet, it’s really hard for them to refer you. That’s a shame, because every sales rep wants to learn effective methods of generating leads. Not any leads, but leads that are

  • Rusty Skills Won’t Win the Gold: January Referral Selling Insights

    Ready to hone your account based sales development skills?

    With the 2018 Winter Olympics starting soon, we’re already hearing about the amazing athletes who will wow us next month. They’ll come from all over the world to compete in a myriad of events, but they all have one thing in common: They got where they are today because they invested in building their skills. It’s a shame more salespeople don’t make the same investment.

    When I ask groups of salespeople, “Who wants to build referral skills and will agree to be accountable for

  • 2 Reasons Your Account Based Sales Reps Leave

    Sales leaders must take the rap.

    We used to hire account based sales reps, indoctrinate them with product knowledge and a smattering of business culture, and give them a few lead generation tools. Then we gave them a phone, a list, and, a desk, and expected them to figure out how to book meetings. They ended up cold calling. Frustrated, many of them left, and we started the process again.

    Clients tell me not much has changed, except that companies now give account based sales reps a desk, a computer, and a

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