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  • Why You Need to Make Time for Asking for Referrals

    Getting referrals business should be top

    priority in your sales prospecting techniques.

    Message to sales leaders: Your job is to get the rocks off the road so your team can close deals, exceed quota, and blow past revenue goals. That’s not happening with cold calling. Account execs remain overwhelmed with conflicting messaging, technology overload, and lack of resources. Teams are working all hours, lack sufficient sleep, and skipping vacation.

    Oh, and they’re not making quota—not even close.

    According to CSO Insights, “Only slightly more than half of sales representatives (53%) are meeting

  • Cold Calling Techniques Make Your Pipeline Fat, but Not Fit

    Do you really need more leads?

    Sure, cold calling techniques put lots of leads in the pipe. Enough for management to see that reps made the requisite number of phone calls, email pitches, and social media connections. But are those really leads, or just smoke-and-mirror numbers?

    Reps have their cold call list, and they go at it—with automatic dialers, AI virtual assistants, and other automation technology. In doing so, they consistently waste their time, because the cold calling success rate is dismal. It can take a dozen touches to reach a

  • They Actually Said My Sales Lead Generation Is Old School

    But here’s what they’re missing on referral B2B lead generation.

    I’ve had it with the accusations that referrals don’t scale, that referrals are a favor, that referrals can be digital, that all you need to do is ask for referrals, and the other crap that so-called experts tout on social media.

    I don’t usually use the word “crap” in my writing. But you better believe I use it when I speak with my colleagues … and yes, my clients. I also don’t usually dedicate much blog space to tooting my own horn. Instead,

  • Are You Social or Selling? September Referral Selling Insights

    Stop cold calling on social media.

    You’re not one of those people who blast me with a sales pitch after I accept your LinkedIn invitation, are you? I don’t think so, because you’ve been reading my blog, so you know by now that social selling is all about being social.

    LinkedIn is the place to begin a conversation and begin a relationship. Clicking buttons and sending a standard invitation doesn’t cut it. Neither does pitching—which belongs in baseball and should stay there.

    Check out this short video I recorded with Koka Sexton in 2013. He was at LinkedIn then, and my

  • Would You Encourage Your Children to Pursue Sales?

    If not, what does that say about the state of sales ethics?

    The facilitator asked a provocative question: How many of you would tell your children to pursue a sales career? Everyone laughed, but no hands went up. A surprising response, since the participants were all tenured and successful sales leaders. (My hand went halfway up, but that didn’t count.)

    I can think of a few reasons sales pros wouldn’t encourage their children to follow in their footsteps—the long hours, the busy travel schedule that often keeps you away from home, the unpredictable

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