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  • Can Women in Sales Overcome Unconscious Bias in High-Tech?

    women in salesWomen in sales have everything they need to succeed.

    Daily headlines remind us that unconscious bias exists in its most virulent form. We know bias is there, but we can’t confront it until it’s stated and proven. It’s sneakier than gender discrimination or racial prejudice of old, but just as damaging for careers, relationship-building opportunities, and account based sales teams.

    A couple years ago, I wrote this post—”The Glass Ceiling Hasn’t Shattered Just Yet.” Comments were prolific. What moved me the most were the comments from immigrants and minorities, who wrote

  • Success Secrets from Eric Schmidt, Reid Hoffman, and Adam Grant

    account based salesDo your lead generation strategies encourage persistence and curiosity?

    A 10-year-old girl was afraid that if she once again asked her brother to teach her to play the guitar, he would think she was being pushy. Hearing her express this fear was enough to set me off. I took her aside and gave her a life lesson—there’s a huge difference between pushy and persistent, no matter how her brother perceived it. She should never be fearful of persistence, as that trait always wins over pushy. At least that’s how I perceive

  • 4 Reasons Women in Sales Rock at Account Based Selling

    women in salesWomen know how to build relationships that matter.

    You may have already heard about the Google software engineer who wrote a 10-page memo explaining why women are incapable of doing a man’s job in Silicon Valley—namely that we’re neurotic and lack professional drive.

    I was appalled that anyone could have such venomous thoughts, let alone put them in writing. Just when women in tech believe they’ve made strides, the bubble is burst. The engineer was fired for violating the Google Code of Conduct, but there are undoubtedly plenty

  • Misconceptions Matter: August Referral Selling Insights

    account based sellingHere’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    There are many misconceptions that trip up modern sales leaders. For example, if you believe that 57 percent of the buying process is complete before buyers ever contact account based sales reps, you’ve lost the deal before you’ve begun.

    Whoever touts the latest app, the latest technology, the latest productivity tools, the latest stats—we can’t wait to check them out. It’s similar to people who line up in the wee hours of the morning in the cold and rain

  • Why CEOs Are Failing Account Based Sales Reps

    account based salesAre sales managers really at fault?

    Salespeople used to say “I carried a bag” to prove that we knew selling. We were the feet on the street—literally. You don’t hear that phrase very often anymore, but account based sales reps still carry a bag. They’re expected to land and expand within their named accounts. But it’s their managers who are left holding the bag when reps don’t meet or exceed quota.

    According to CSO Insights, only 55.8 percent of sales reps made quota in 2016. The problem is that many sales

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