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  • Do “Refer a Friend” Programs Actually Work? Absolutely! Sometimes.

    canstockphoto19193088Pay for referrals? Are you kidding me?

    Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes last month. My friends and clients aren’t the only ones who remembered my big day. I received offers from my favorite retailers for birthday discounts, designed to make me feel special and (more importantly) spend money.

    B2C incentives work like magic. We all love saving money and brag about getting great deals. We line up when stores offer limited supplies of “whatever.” We grab every coupon and sales ad we can find, use Groupon for deep discounts on special

  • [Missed Connections]: Referral Selling Insights from January

    canstockphoto8297665Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    The CEO of a Fortune 500 company told me what he wants most from salespeople are insights—no pitching or interrogating, just a conversation. Sales professionals are primed to deliver exactly that. Ongoing discussions with prospects and clients provide opportunities to learn about emerging trends, new and perplexing challenges, and solutions companies have implemented to mitigate their most pressing business obstacles. When we share what we’ve learned with clients and prospects, they value our insights. We stand out from all

  • 3 Overlooked Productivity Tips for Sales Reps

    Sales Reps ProductivityDoes your team spend enough time with your customers?

    It’s always about time, isn’t it? We have a choice how we spend it. We can waste hours immersed in social media, sending emails, and surfing the web.

    Sounds like fun, but it’s not the way to excel in sales. Most of the time, it’s a waste of time and has nothing to do with engaging our prospects and customers.

    Sales leaders have always known that top sales reps engage in open, honest conversations with their clients. They make the time to

  • How to Score More Sales Leads: Don’t Believe the Buyer 2.0 Myths

    salesleadsDo your sales reps really prospect based on fairy tales?

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … Well, you know the ending to that famous story. You also know it’s just a myth, a fable, a legend. It’s entertaining, but not real.

    Fictional stories belong in books, movies, or in the theatre—not in real life. Yet, many sales reps buy into the mythical statistics and ridiculous promises floating around the Internet about how to drive sales leads in the digital age.

    Wake-up call: You’re in the wrong job if you

  • A Social Media Connection Is Not a Sales Lead

    A Social Media Connection is Not a Sales LeadAre your sales reps clueless about how social selling really works?

    Sales reps abuse social media to the extent that I typically delete more LinkedIn invitations than I accept. They invite person after person to connect using the same old standard invitation, and then immediately blast sales pitches to anyone who accepts.

    This bad behavior is not entirely the reps’ fault. Sales leaders understand that relationships drive sales, yet they measure their teams on the number of connections accumulated, calls made,

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