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  • How Digital Dependence Derails Account Based Selling Teams

    Account Based SellingAsking for referrals matters more than ever.

    Twenty years ago, I would have told you referrals couldn’t possibly be more important for account based sales development. I was wrong. Today, they’re even more important—and more powerful—than they were back then.

    Too many account based selling teams over-rely on technology to reach their prospects. They believe the fastest ways into the C-suite are digital: targeted emails, cold calls, social media outreach, and inbound marketing automation.

    This digital dependence actually decreases productivity and extends the time it takes to reach a decision-maker. The goal

  • Why Your Account Based Selling Teams Are Lagging Behind

    account-based sellingCan sales managers influence the buying process?

    It’s common knowledge that revenue is a lagging indicator. You can’t manage revenue. If sales close, you win. If they don’t, you lose. There’s no in-between. Then why are so many account based selling teams given revenue targets and let loose? Calls with their sales managers become about justifying why prospects should be in their pipelines in the first place, and discussing ways these account based sales reps can accelerate the buying process.

    Revenue can be measured but not managed. Sales managers can, however, measure

  • Account Based Selling Teams Should Never Pitch

    account based selling“A man leaves home and turns left three times, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men?”

    If you’re familiar with American baseball—and any good at riddles—you’ll know the answer. For everyone else, the answer is a catcher and an umpire.

    I’m a big baseball fan, and I’ve often pondered how much account based sales reps could learn from the game. After all, baseball and sales have a lot in common. Baseball players are responsible for advancing their way to home, scoring points, and winning

  • June Referral Selling Insights

    account-based salesHere’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month.

    My cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I decided to answer anyway. As soon as the caller told me he was with the San Francisco symphony, I rolled my eyes, thinking, “Oh no, they’re going to ask me for money.”

    Soliciting contributions was the reason for the call, and I did donate—thanks to the sales savvy of a young man named Ronnie.

    How did Ronnie get me from “no way” to “of course”?

    He said that every donation

  • Do Your Account-Based Selling Teams Need a Strategy?

    Do sales organizations really need a B2B sales strategy? After all, pundits tell us it’s the buyer’s journey that matters. They’re in control, so shouldn’t account-based selling pros just be prepared to wing it?

    Besides, developing and implementing any strategy—whether for sales, service, marketing, or products—can take weeks or months. Once you’ve mapped the company sales strategy, you need to consistently dissect it, revise it, and communicate it. And the hard work doesn’t stop there. Account-based selling teams need their own specific strategy with sales activities mapped to each stage of the sales

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