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Sep, 02 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Small Business

“Small” may be the way government classifies you, but you are the backbone of the global economy.   You chose your line of work because you are passionate about a product or service you developed, recognized a not-to-miss opportunity in the marketplace, or gained expertise in a specific skill. Bottom line: You love what you […]

Aug, 27 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Enterprise Organizations

Whether you sell technology, professional services, or financial services, the complexity of your client’s business issues as well as your proposed solutions are game changing. You frequently partner with others –both within and outside of your company—to win and implement a solution that delivers measurable business results. Your challenge is proving to your buyers in […]

Aug, 27 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Associations

Your members are business owners and professionals who know the importance of sales, but who often view sales as a “dirty word.” Your members are passionate about the product or service they developed, they recognized a not-to-miss opportunity in the marketplace, or gained expertise in a specific skill. Whatever their business-start rationale, they acknowledge that […]

Jul, 08 2010 | Referral Sales

Referrals Do Not Just Happen: You Must Ask

We need to proactively talk to our clients and ask them to make the introduction. That is when referrals happen.

Jun, 15 2010 | Referral Sales

Your #1 Untapped Referral

It’s not just who you know, it’s who your clients know. If you don’t ask your clients to refer you, you miss your most critical business-development activity. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

Apr, 20 2010 | Referral Sales

You Get What You Ask For—So Ask!

When it comes to referrals, the more specific you are, the more successful you’ll be. When I ask salespeople how I can help them with prospecting—who they’re looking for—they begin with “Anyone who…” “Anyone?” I’m confused. I don’t know who “anyone” is. Every salesperson recognizes their Ideal Clients. You know who they are. Don’t you […]

Apr, 15 2010 | Referral Sales

Don’t Tax Over Your Sales Pipeline

When you consistently ask for referrals, you build a qualified, robust sales pipeline with a close ratio of over 50 percent. Build your business as you work your business and get tangible and measurable results. Do it daily, and get un-taxed about business development and sales forecasting.

Apr, 01 2010 | Referral Sales

"Anatomy of a Cold Call"

Why is it that when the economy tanks, people who never before talked about referrals come out of the woodwork—and they have no idea what they’re talking about. Cold calls are a waste of your time. Get smart about referrals. Start here.

Mar, 10 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling Is Not a One-Time Event

There has been a lot of buzz about a Make a Referral Week. While encouraging people to make referrals is a great idea, focusing on just one week without tools and guidance is a recipe for disaster.

Feb, 25 2010 | Referral Sales

It’s Not About Location

It’s not about location, it’s about value: Sometimes we forget the real value we bring to our sales process and to our clients. Your real value is not how long it takes you to complete a task, but the time and effort it took you to acquire the requisite skills.

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