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Jan, 18 2010 | Referral Sales

Join Me at the No More Cold Calling 2010 Webinar

You know I love to share my love of referrals. So here’s your personal invitation to join David Nour, author of ConnectAbility and Relationship Economics®, and me for the one-hour, FREE No More Cold Calling in 2010 Webinar on January 26th. Catapult Your Sales Through Referrals Consistently attract your best and most profitable clients while […]

Jan, 05 2010 | Referral Sales

Win the Sales Game With Winning Emails

You’ve become a top-notch referral networker, you take action on your referral sales plan, and you leave excellent voicemail messages. What messages does your email communication convey? With ever-present Internet access (“crackberry,” anyone?) and Twitter, your emails and character-limited “tweets” say as much about you as your business card. A whole new school of thought […]

Dec, 15 2009 | Referral Sales

Get Your Network Working for You

Networking Is Not an Option Show Up Woody Allen’s said: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Showing up counts. The more often you show up, the more visible you become, and the more people know you and recognize you. Opportunities abound at the Holidays to meet new people at a very social and happy […]

Nov, 11 2009 | Referral Sales

Network Like You Mean It

Successful sales start and end with referrals. And referrals come from people. Which means you need to know and connect with people to build your sales through referrals. Which means: Networking! Networking inspires all sorts of analysis and dread, but in the end, building relationships and being genuine count. You network to sell a product, […]

Oct, 11 2009 | Referral Sales

How to Ask for Sales Referrals, and Succeed!

One of the top reasons salespeople lose business and neglect to employ a referral-selling strategy is that they’re afraid to ask for referrals. It doesn’t matter whether a salesperson changes industries, takes a job right out of school, or is a sales veteran of 20 or 30 years. They, too, agree that nothing compares to […]

Sep, 01 2009 | Referral Sales

Differentiation: Stand Out In the Crowd

When was the last time you worked on defining your business? Was it at a No More Cold Calling webinar or workshop? Look inward at your business. Take time to analyze your differentiation. The defining selling characteristic: What is your business? How do you describe your capabilities that relate to the shift in today’s market? […]

Aug, 25 2009 | Referral Sales

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Take your referral-selling system with you! Hardcover, Paperback, and now on Kindle! You asked, and it’s here. My book, No More Cold Calling™: the Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust is now on Kindle. The two biggest challenges salespeople consistently face are: 1. Getting the meeting at the level that counts […]

Aug, 19 2009 | Referral Sales

How to Bypass the Gatekeeper

Get the meeting at the level that counts: Four key sales strategies to get you in and out with sales in hand.  I’m tired of reading and hearing about how to get past the gatekeeper. Emails, articles, news flashes, blasts, webinars, podcasts… they make my blood boil. These “gatekeeper” tactics are insincere, duplicitous, unprofessional, offensive, […]

Aug, 12 2009 | Referral Sales

Please Say, “Thank You.”

Maybe I’m from another planet. I was taught that when you receive a gift, you say thank you. It’s polite and respectful. I give my book, No More Cold Calling, The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust, to many people–when I speak about referrals, attend sales networking events, or to colleagues […]

Jul, 28 2009 | Referral Sales

Shake off the Recession

Get Over the Recession: Three Key Tips to Referral-Sales Success The recession is old news. Get over it, already. It’s time to define your own business success with a proven, results-oriented sales methodology: referral selling. I’m tired of recession talk. The National Bureau of Economic Research reported in December 2008 that the U.S. economic recession […]

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