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Mar, 01 2009 | Referral Sales

Everyone Is Part of the Sales Team – Everyone

People who are not in traditional sales roles are being asked more and more by their companies to source new business. Attorneys often say, “I didn’t go to law school to sell.” Accountants, consultants, sales support, engineers, bankers, and account managers are sometimes faced with the task of participating in the selling process.

Feb, 01 2009 | Referral Sales

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Sell

We all want more business referrals. Many of us believe that because our business is complex and sophisticated, that only certain people are good connections – meaning that only certain people are good for business development. This assumption is just wrong. Everyone knows someone: You just need to ask. The World Is Your Oyster Business […]

Jan, 01 2009 | Referral Sales

5 Tips to Build Your “Executive Cabinet for Sales Success”

5 Tips to Build Your “Executive Cabinet for Sales Success” President-elects of the United States typically spend the two months of transition between Election Day and their Inauguration assembling their Cabinet and top advisors. President-Elect Barack Obama is no different. The nation and world have been watching with curiosity and interest as to whom Obama […]

Dec, 01 2008 | Referral Sales

Networking Tips to Build Your Business Referral Network

Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of life is showing up.”   He also said “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” No matter how you slice it, showing up counts! That’s one of the best networking tips around. At holiday time, you have an exceptional opportunity to meet new people at a very […]

Nov, 01 2008 | Referral Sales

So You Don’t Like to Network…

So You Don’t Like to Network… Why is it that so many people don’t like to network? When I tell my clients that I expect them to attend at least one business-networking event each week, there is an audible gasp. It’s as if I’m asking them to do something terrible. Part of the reason for […]

Oct, 01 2008 | Referral Sales

Treat the Problem, Not the Symptom

You’d be surprised at how often I hear, “My salespeople can’t close.” I flinch when I hear sales executives tell me their salespeople can’t close, and that they want a training program about closing sales. Save your money. It’s never about closing. Never. That’s the symptom. The problem is the neglect the salesperson showed to […]

Sep, 01 2008 | Referral Sales

Say No to No’s and Yes to Referral Sales

There has been a longstanding mantra in sales: The more “No’s” we get, the closer we are to a “Yes.” Well, that’s garbage in my sales book. It’s old news, tired and worn out. It’s time to retire and bury this mantra. Think about it: Why would you spend your valuable time talking to people […]

Jul, 01 2008 | Referral Sales

Dig for Gold: Dump the Suspects, Lock in on Prospecting

Prospecting The Web 2.0 world promises to increase our prospecting productivity by delivering qualified leads to our inbox at the prospect’s time of need. But take a closer look: Are these leads really qualified, or are they merely suspects? Prospecting traditionally has been a random assortment of activities. Website lead generation, special offers, email campaigns, […]

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