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Apr, 20 2017 | Referral Sales, Referrals

Why Reps Hate Asking for Referrals Just as Much as Cold Calling

cold calling

Here’s how to cure your prospecting problem. Let’s set the record straight: Most everyone on your sales team has call reluctance—whether they’re cold calling or asking for referrals. Surprised? I was. What’s to fear about prospecting? After all, I only talk to people who want to talk to me. I use the referral system I […]

Apr, 06 2017 | Lead Generation, Referral Sales, Referrals, Salespeople

3 Ways to Guarantee Referral Prospecting Success


Think a referral system is easy? Think again! All things being equal, we work with friends. All things not being equal, we work with friends. And when we need a specialist, we ask a friend. That’s why referral selling is the only prospecting strategy that ensures qualified lead generation. And it only works if you […]

Feb, 02 2017 | Associations, Enterprise, Referral Sales, Referrals, Small Business

How to Land and Expand with Relationships

account based sales tips

The top four account-based sales secrets revealed! When it comes to account-based sales tips, there is one guy who can revolutionize your technique. This is a story about George (mostly). I’ve known plenty of great account-based sellers, or as we used to call them, “B2B salespeople.” George is among the best, because he understands that […]

Jan, 19 2017 | Referral Sales, Referrals, Sales Leadership, Salespeople

How to Hack Lead Generation with this Simple Principle

lead generation

Don’t expect sales leads to pour in without it! I stared at the download form, trying to decide if it was worth it. A colleague had recommended I read this whitepaper, and the content certainly sounded interesting. But as usual, the free download came at a cost: my contact information. I could picture the sales […]

Nov, 03 2016 | Referral Sales, Referrals

3 Referral Selling Skills All B2B Sales Reps Should Practice

Ensure your sales team makes time to practice these critical prospecting strategies. Building professional skills takes practice—deliberate practice. But adults resist practice. We get paid to do our jobs correctly the first time. Practice is on our own time. And who has extra time just floating around? Children practice all the time, without fear. Remember […]

Oct, 20 2016 | Referral Sales, Referrals

The #1 Reason Your Referral Program Won’t Work

Your marketing strategy is doomed without practice. Why is it that companies spend tons of money on client events, company celebrations, sales incentives, and work-life balance perks like childcare, but then they skimp on investing in building permanent, repeatable sales skills for their teams? Sure, they provide “training,” but training without reinforcement, coaching, accountability, and […]

Oct, 06 2016 | Referral Sales, Referrals

6 Simple Ways a Referral Program Eradicates Top Sales Challenges

Are your sales reps wasting time prospecting? You’re a sales leader accountable for increasing revenue, while at the same time managing your profit margins. If you’re fairly new to your company, your sales reps are a mixed bag of talent. If you’ve beaten the odds and have held your role for more than 18 months, […]

Sep, 01 2016 | Associations, Enterprise, Referral Sales, Referrals, Small Business

Are Your Salespeople in the Top 90%?

Here’s how to actually win with referral sales strategies. More than 90 percent of salespeople convert at least half of their prospects to clients when they get referrals. And another 60 percent report a conversion rate of more than 70 percent. These stats are from a recent webinar I conducted— “Turn Cold to Gold.” I […]

Aug, 25 2016 | Referral Sales, Referrals, Salespeople

How Referrals Close the Buyer Divide

Pushy and arrogant sales reps still give the rest of us a bad name. Many buyers dislike salespeople. In their eyes, we’re the epitome of the used-car salesman—pushy, arrogant, in-your-face, and promising they’ll only get the best price if they buy today. Much of that perception is justified. If I were to judge solely by […]

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