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Feb, 06 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Why Your Sales Reps Can’t Close

Does your sales team know how to have a business conversation? You’d be surprised who IT firms are now hiring for sales and consulting positions—people with hospitality and restaurant backgrounds. Why? Because they know how to talk to people. They know how to engage in conversation, be polite yet firm, smile, and let the bad […]

Feb, 04 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Understanding Your Customers Is Not a Crap Shoot

If you don’t know your customers, you’re not doing your job. As salespeople, it’s our job to ensure customers get the correct solutions for their business challenges—so that they keep buying from us and referring us to other great clients. But in order to serve our clients properly, we must actually get to know them—not […]

Jan, 30 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Are You Too Hard to Reach?

Why doesn’t your email signature have a phone number? A prospect recently left a voicemail for me and stated his phone number so quickly that I had to listen to the message three times from two different phones. I didn’t even get his full name. It was David “something or other.” I have no way […]

Jan, 28 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

The Lies You Tell Gatekeepers

Trust me, they’re on to you. When I called to reconnect with a CEO I met at a conference, and who had invited me to contact her, her assistant, Joan, answered the phone. Joan asked me the purpose of my call. I told her where I’d met her boss and who’d introduced us. Then I […]

Jan, 23 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

7 Overused Words You Should Avoid

Is anyone else tired of hearing buzzwords? It has been said that cursing shows a lack of vocabulary. Maybe so, but I find buzzwords to be even more uncreative and obnoxious. And in Sales 2.0, buzzwords are flying around as frequently as bees in summer. A buzzword (a term first used in 1946 as student […]

Jan, 21 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

14 Signs You’re Addicted to Technology

Which bad tech habits will you break in 2014? These days, you can’t go anywhere without running into people who have their faces glued to their smart phones and their minds somewhere in the Cloud. It’s frustrating, disrespectful to the people around them, and even dangerous. Are You an Addict? If you’re too addicted to […]

Jan, 16 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Stop Wasting Your Selling Time

How much of your workday do you actually spend selling? The New Year is in full swing. Now is the time to kick your prospecting efforts into overdrive, build a strong pipeline for 2014, and determine if you’re really getting the most traction out of each and every day. Chances are, you’re not. Most salespeople […]

Jan, 14 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

No Toys at the Table

Dinner table talk can be the key to your child’s future. Did you grow up with everyone sitting around the dinner table looking at their devices? That might be commonplace now, but it wasn’t a generation ago—even for Gen Y. Over the past several months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how technology […]

Jan, 09 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Social Selling

Digital Socialites Still Need to Sparkle

Seal the deal by becoming more social. Woody Allen said that 80 percent of success is showing up. We show up a lot differently today than when he made that quip. We show up in person and online. But the goals are still the same—to develop connections and build relationships. In this month’s guest post […]

Jan, 07 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Are You on the Road to Nowhere?

Don’t let your cell phone drop you. I’m at the gym, riding a stationary bike. It’s my least favorite activity. The bike is supposed to be good for my knees. But as someone accustomed to moving forward, spinning my wheels with no destination in mind is the absolute definition of tedium. The bike seat hurts […]

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