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Nov, 12 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

8 Things Technology Will Never Replace

Digital communication only takes us so far. Generation Y loves technology. They’ve grown up immersed in text messages and emails. So it’s completely logical that many of them prefer communicating digitally rather than talking in person. I get the appeal. It’s quick and easy, and it’s what they are used to. But it’s also impersonal, […]

Nov, 11 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Man vs. Machine

Here’s why computers will never replace salespeople. According to a recent study published by Oxford, nearly half of all jobs are at risk of being automated in the next 20 years! But I’ll tell you one job that won’t vanish: Salesperson. That’s because, at the end of the day, people buy from people, not from machines. […]

Nov, 08 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

4 Leadership Lessons from the Boston Red Sox

Take a page from the playbook of John Farrell, who led his team from worst to first. I know I should be a National League fan. I live in San Francisco and have season tickets to the Giants’ games. But there’s always been “something” about the Red Sox that pulls me in. Perhaps it’s the […]

Nov, 07 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Message to Management: The 2 Biggest Coaching Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Avoid these sales management pitfalls. Sales execs recognize that coaching contributes to performance. But by how much? And how are they supposed to find the time? Most sales leaders are so busy that the only coaching they have time for is asking reps who they plan to call during any given week. But that’s not […]

Nov, 06 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

One Hour Without Technology

If the executive chairman of Google can do it, so can you. As executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt is often invited to deliver commencement speeches at college graduations. What’s the one surprising piece of advice this tech guru always shares? Turn off the technology. In May 2009, he told the graduating class of the […]

Nov, 05 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

You Are the Ultimate Sales Technology

Technology is fantastic, but it will never replace a great salesperson. You are the ultimate sales technology! As a buyer, I don’t care how your technology works until I know what it can do for my business. The same is true for your prospects and clients. Over the last 30 years, I’ve seen technologies come […]

Nov, 04 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

I Will Delete You

No one wants to get your spam email and cold calls. How many spam emails and cold calls do you receive every day? My total is more than 40. Reps engage in this mindless activity because it doesn’t require much thought or effort, and they hope someone will actually respond. But we all sit on […]

Nov, 01 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

The Telephone: Revolutionizing Sales Since 1876

When it comes to technology, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. New, fancy technology can be alluring and exciting. But there’s a lot to be said for the “old school” ways of connecting with people. Take, for example, the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell more than 137 years ago. He applied for his patent […]

Oct, 31 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

What Makes YOU So Special?

How do you stand out among a sea of competitors and win new clients? I’m glad to see that the power of referral selling is gaining the respect and acclaim it deserves. For salespeople, it’s always a struggle to stay ahead of the competition. Blasting prospects with automated marketing messages doesn’t work. Neither does contacting […]

Oct, 30 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

High Touch, High Tech: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Technology has its place in sales, but this is still a person-to-person business. There’s a new myth being circulated in the sales community. According to some “experts,” buyers know everything they need to know about our companies, products, and solutions before they ever speak to a salesperson. They suggest that buyers don’t really need us […]

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