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Oct, 22 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

We’re Smarter Than Our Buyers

The customer is NOT always right. Welcome to the age of the informed consumer, or the digital buyer … or “Buyer 2.0.” Once upon a time, clients looked to salespeople for information. Now, with a quick Google search and a little time on our websites and social media, they can learn all about us. Buyer […]

Oct, 21 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Look at Me When You’re Talking to Me

Is technology killing eye contact? Has our dependence on technology gone too far? And is it taking away our ability to talk to each other, to connect, or even look each other in the eye? It’s easy to get sucked into the digital universe. But our relationships are what really matter, and if you’re too […]

Oct, 17 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

It’s People, Not Tweets, That Seal the Deal

Strike the right balance between technology and relationships, and you’ll beat the competition every time. Experts have been quick to tell us that technology changes everything—that Sales 2.0 is an entirely new way of working. And I was one of the first to scream: “No, no, no!” Social media, marketing automation, the cloud, and other […]

Oct, 10 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Why Top Sales World CEO Never Makes Cold Calls

Sales guru and guest blogger, Jonathan Farrington, explains why he’s never made a single cold call. You don’t cold call? Really? Let me guess: You do some research, identify trigger events (what an over-used term!), and extract a name from someone. That’s cold … ice cold. The person doesn’t know you and doesn’t expect (or […]

Sep, 19 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

How Packed Is Your Pipeline?

The best sales reps are 250 percent better at qualifying leads than their peers. As salespeople, the most important indicator of our success is the state of our pipelines—whether they’re full of qualified leads that will keep us hitting our numbers in the months to come or clogged with prospects who will never pay off […]

Sep, 05 2013 | Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Get the Rocks Off the Road

Set your sales team up for success! Sales may not be easy, but it is simple. There are just two parts to sales: 1) Getting in front of the right people, and 2) everything that happens after that. I’m not trying to be flippant, but let’s tell it like it is and stop complicating the […]

Aug, 15 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

The average tenure of a sales manager is just 18 months. Yet, our sales teams need strong leaders more than ever. Would you rather have a job with a reliable salary like everyone else, or one where you must perform well to get paid well? You’re a salesperson. You thrive on challenges and risk-taking. You […]

Aug, 01 2013 | Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Make Referrals Your Priority

It’s up to you to lead the referral-selling charge. Whether you are CEO, vice president, or a sales manager, you have a central role in your company’s sales process and in the decision to transition to referral selling—the only business-development strategy proven to convert prospects into clients more than 50 percent of the time. Referral […]

Jun, 13 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

The ROI of ROI

Guest blogger, Michael Nick, explains where (and how) to use ROI in your sales process. I was recently introduced to Michael Nick. I was impressed with his commitment to salespeople and how he helps them learn to justify ROI to clients. In this month’s guest blog, Michael breaks the ROI process into simple, easy-to-follow steps. […]

May, 09 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Why Cost Per Lead is Irrelevant

Guest blogger, Matt Heinz, shares three sales metrics that will keep your pipeline full of qualified leads. Generating qualified leads is the job of sales. When a qualified lead becomes a qualified opportunity, we’re really ahead of the sales game. And when our sales and marketing teams work together effectively, that’s an unbeatable combination. Matt […]

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