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Feb, 14 2013 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

The Virtuous Sales Cycle—3 Best Practices

How to operate in “zero-time” and deliver maximum impact to your customers and your bottom line. Last week we heard from Andy Paul about the Vicious Sales Cycle—bad sales practices that lead to poor results combined with an inability or unwillingness to change, which leads in turn to a never-ending, self-reinforcing cycle of unacceptable sales […]

Nov, 10 2011 | Sales Leadership

Stand Up For Your Sales Self

Don’t believe everything they say, believe what they do. And do right by your business—you’ll be glad you did. I recently delivered a keynote address on referral sales at a company sales meeting, and I met several interesting and important (in the company) people. I typically offer to autograph my book, and I give it […]

Jan, 12 2011 | Sales Leadership

Out of the Office—For Real

“I’m not working today.” That’s the email message I received from a client in response to information I sent at his request.  How are you not working if you’re checking email? It’s the blessing and the curse of those of us in sales. As entrepreneurs, we have the flexibility to state our own hours, take […]

Jul, 22 2010 | Sales Leadership

Think Thin & Win: You’re the Expert

Clients hire the expert. Period. In any economy. So be the expert and start proclaiming. Clients hire you because they know you deliver what you promise with a positive impact on their business results. They hire you because you make them look good, and they want to keep their jobs. They hire your company for […]

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