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Dec, 15 2016 | Sales Leadership

Is Sales Automation Making Your Team Soft?

As your reps rely more on sales technology, they may be forgetting how to actually sell.  I used to add long columns of numbers and never had to check my math. I knew I got it right the first time. Not anymore. I usually still get it right, but I feel the need to double […]

Dec, 01 2016 | Sales Leadership

Why Sales Leaders Need Vacation—and Why They Don’t Take It

What does it say about you and your team if you can’t unplug? During the upcoming winter holidays, most of the business world will shut down. It’s vacation time, family time, rejuvenation time. If you’re planning to work through the “most wonderful time of the year,” or if you haven’t taken at least most of […]

Nov, 18 2016 | Sales Leadership

Reclaim One to Two Hours of Your Day with Jill Konrath’s New Book [Preorder Now]

Are you overwhelmed and stressed? Jill Konrath can help you stop the vicious cycle. I never expected to hear my friend and colleague Jill Konrath say that she was overwhelmed. After all, she’s a pro—a top speaker, a sales thought leader, a respected author. But she was not just overwhelmed. She’d lost focus, felt stressed, […]

Nov, 17 2016 | Sales Leadership

Why Cold Calling and Stupid Prospecting Don’t Work

Are your sales reps missing this crucial step in the sales process? Bluebirds are great, aren’t they? A prospect is ready to buy and reaches out to your sales reps, who close the deal with little effort. It’s a lucky break, a win/win. But it’s not a reliable lead generation strategy, because your sales reps […]

Nov, 10 2016 | Sales Leadership

Your Technical Experts Rock at Lead Generation … Really

Don’t hide your B2B marketing talent. Credibility and trust—hard for salespeople to earn, but a slam-dunk for technical experts. Many companies only bring out their technicians to do demos. Big mistake. They can also be great for lead generation. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, technical and academic experts and analysts in your company are […]

Oct, 27 2016 | Sales Leadership

5 Questions to Guarantee Qualified Lead Generation

Are your sales reps having trouble closing? The problem might be a lack of qualified leads. “We chose someone else.” “We’re staying with our current vendor.” “We’re not adding any new solutions this year.” We’ve all heard those words. Devastating. What happened? It could be that sales reps neglected important activities during the early parts […]

Oct, 13 2016 | Sales Leadership

Think Robots Will Replace B2B Sales Reps?

Buyer 2.0 needs us more than ever. Eliot Burdett, CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, explains why in this month’s guest post. Have B2B sales reps gone the way of CD players, the Rolodex, and analog radio—replaced by technology that gets the job done faster and better? Not so long ago clients looked to salespeople for […]

Sep, 22 2016 | Sales Leadership

Are You Derailing Your Prospecting Success?

You can’t make a living off future promises. It’s tough to shut up. We’re salespeople. We get paid to talk up our solutions. But we must also sell them. We’ve all made this prospecting mistake: The customer told us her challenges. She described in wrenching detail what consistently goes wrong and how these problems are […]

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