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Referral Selling in Small Business

“Small” may be the way government classifies you, but you are the backbone of the global economy.

You chose your line of work because you are passionate about a product or service you developed, recognized a not-to-miss opportunity in the marketplace, or gained expertise in a specific skill.

Bottom line: You love what you do.
Reality: You’re not crazy about selling.

You acknowledge that attracting new clients expands you business and continues to increase your revenue and profits. Most likely you did not grow up in sales. You may think that “sales” is a dirty word—that salespeople are pushy, arrogant, loud, and in-your-face. That’s not you.

Business development is a scary proposition. You don’t employ a large marketing department—maybe none at all. You know that cold calling doesn’t work, and you hate it. You need to craft a sales strategy that fits your company and your personality.

Your Sales Solution Has Arrived

The good news: When you adopt a referral-selling system, you don’t cold call. You tap into your referral network and immediately expand your sales reach.

The bad news: You leave money on the table every single day when you don’t ask your current clients to make a referral introduction. Attract new business, increase sales, and add profits to your bottom line when you learn and adopt referral selling as your business-development sales system.

Referral-Selling Articles for Small Business

Learn about No More Cold Calling’s proven referral-selling methodology and how it changes the way you expand your business and increase sales. Below, you’ll find a collection of referral-selling articles specifically targeted to and about small business. Take a read, and let us know what you think.

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Why Keeping Up Has You Falling Behind

Why Keeping Up Has You Falling Behind “Busyness” is not the path to success. I’m running so fast I don’t have time to think. I use my drive time to return calls and respond to emails. (Isn’t technology a great time saver?) I might as well be…
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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It Eye contact can make or break your sales effectiveness. I smile and look people in the eye —whether I’m walking on the bike path in my tennies or on the way to a business meeting. It makes my day when…
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How to Send an Unforgettable LinkedIn Invitation

How to Send an Unforgettable LinkedIn Invitation Read this before starting a conversation on LinkedIn. George runs a social media company. He is tech savvy and up-to-date on the do’s and don’ts of social media. He even launched a contest to get traction for his new company,…
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Are You Getting Duped by the “Experts”?

Are You Getting Duped by the “Experts”? Social selling isn’t a magical cure for all your sales challenges. What is social selling, anyway? Is it just the latest buzzword bandied about by shifty trainers, or an actual sales strategy with teeth? Whenever a new selling term…
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[Message to Management]: Why Great Sales Leaders Listen

[Message to Management]: Why Great Sales Leaders Listen Guest blogger, Todd McCormick, shares three reasons listening matters in sales management. It was your typical sales conference—except the speaker wasn’t typical. He spoke about the power of personal connections and seeing “the whites” of people’s eyes. I was particularly…
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I Take It Back: My Apology to Dan McDade

I Take It Back: My Apology to Dan McDade I admit it. I was wrong. Over the years, I have made it very clear that I don’t believe marketing has any business qualifying leads for salespeople. I’ve written several articles and blog posts on the topic, and included the…
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Stop Spamming People

Stop Spamming People Get over it. They don’t want to talk to you. How many unsolicited emails do you get each day? Today I received 25 … before 10:00 a.m. Guess how many I opened? Not a single one. I’m not interested in…
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Stop Throwing Away Good Business

Stop Throwing Away Good Business Are you wasting referral opportunities? When you’re looking for a new accountant, marketing firm, lawyer, technology solution, bank, or even hair stylist, I bet you don’t just pick one at random. Sure, you do a little Internet research. But you…
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Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side The gatekeepers are onto your tricks. Are you tired of talking to people without any decision-making power? Wouldn’t you rather walk straight into the corner office and pitch to the person who’s actually in charge? Of course you would. So…
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Stop Getting Distracted, Start Getting Productive

Stop Getting Distracted, Start Getting Productive If you’re being pulled in too many directions, then you’re not on course for sales success. Distractions come at us at warp speed in this multi-screen, technology-driven world. And it’s easy to let those distractions eat up valuable business hours.…
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