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Sep, 18 2010 | Social Selling

A New “Social” Salesforce Tool

IntroMojo helps us collect hard-to-find prospect info: aggregated from all over the web. One-stop, referral-selling info at hand. Now.

Aug, 11 2010 | Social Selling

Top Sales World: Your One-Stop Global Sales Stop

Top Sales World is your one-stop global sales stop.

Aug, 08 2010 | Social Selling

7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore

Sales are built on relationships. Our role as salespeople is to build relationships. Bottom line: People do business with people, not with technology.

Mar, 24 2010 | Social Selling

How to Attract Sales Prospects in a Tech-Focused World

It’s not 140 characters, it’s you!   There’s nothing like getting the gang together. Salespeople have great combined power and energy when they gather in person and share successes, ideas and information. At conferences, they learn as much through conversations with peers in the hallways as in their sessions. But there’s no “hallway” on the […]

Jan, 25 2010 | Social Selling

Welcome to Web 3.0: You Are the Sales Solution

Our smartest, tried & true business-development, lead-generation, deal-closing tool has always been ourselves. And that’s not going to change anytime soon—if ever. Nothing’s really changed in the sales world, although many pundits rant about the “new normal,” “new realities,” Web 2.0… Web 3.0… .

Dec, 22 2009 | Social Selling

Social Media Is Not an Option

Three How-To Social Media Tips:
* Create a picture of where you’re going
* Do serious work before you start on the social media road.
* Bring something new to the table several times a month.

Sep, 29 2009 | Social Selling

Why Social Networks Won’t Build Your Business

Social Networking Isn’t the Next Best Thing… …You are! It’s the personal connection-still-that seals the deal. The Internet, social networking, and other breakthroughs in technology have fundamentally changed the way we do business. New technology drives communications, messaging, and information access at warp speed, and our clients expect immediate access. This pattern of ever-increasing speed […]

Sep, 02 2009 | Social Selling

Don’t Get Social without a Good Story

Robert Sax, www.saxpr.net, publicized my book, No More Cold Calling™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust. He wrote this great post that I’m sharing with you on why stories matter. “Social media, the hottest trend in marketing, can be a mixed blessing. On the plus side, you can go directly […]

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