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Jun, 23 2016 | Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

How Women in Sales Boost the Bottom Line

Women in Sales

Wake up call for sales leaders: If you don’t have enough saleswomen on your team, you’re at a disadvantage. Women are just plain naturals at selling. Saleswomen have the skills and grit it takes to be top-tier performers because success in sales is about building and nurturing relationships. Women get that. We are hardwired to […]

Apr, 21 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Your Most Burning Referral Questions Immediately Answered

Who should you ask for referrals to drive lead generation? “You can ask for referrals from anyone you meet, and it’s often easier to get referrals from new contacts than from existing clients.” Never! That’s just some of the nonsense that’s bandied about by people who think they know how referrals work. And they’re dead […]

Apr, 07 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

[URGENT] You’ve Got ONE WEEK to Get This Book for 99 Cents

Don’t miss your chance to cash in on my No More Cold Calling book anniversary! One week from today—April 14, 2016—marks the 10-year anniversary of my first book, No More Cold Calling™. Yes, April 14, 2006 was the official publication date. The book’s subtitle, “The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust,” […]

Mar, 24 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Why Isn’t Your Team Getting Enough Qualified Sales Leads?

Sales leaders’ chief concern is lackluster lead generation, according to new CSO Insights study. Greg had barely taken his seat when he told me his greatest challenge was getting his sales reps to generate enough qualified sales leads. His company was a fairly new player in his industry, and they were competing against “the big […]

Mar, 10 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Sales Managers—Pay Attention to How Your Reps Communicate

Sales Managers

Do your salesmen and women sound more like teenagers than professionals? Can your sales reps put a sentence together? The words salespeople use define them in the eyes of customers, just as their voices and demeanor do. But in the digital world, strong communication is becoming a lost art. People have become accustomed to typing […]

Mar, 03 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

It Takes 3 Things for Women in Sales to Be Bulldogs. Find Out How

Woman in Sales, Women in Sales

Here’s what I’ve learned about selling from some top women leaders. When she referred to herself as a “bulldog,” the idea conjured up images of a pushy, arrogant, aggressive, in-your-face salesperson—the kind none of us wants to be. But that’s not what she meant. She’s tenacious. She sells with confidence. She’s dedicated and loyal—a dog […]

Feb, 18 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

How Getting Referrals Got Me to the Protected C-Suite

Lead generation isn’t so tough when you’re asking for referrals. I hung up the phone, feeling excited and still a bit nervous. I’ve been selling for decades, but I’d never spoken with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Yet, getting Bill on the phone was surprisingly easy, thanks to a referral from someone he […]

Feb, 04 2016 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

Do “Refer a Friend” Programs Actually Work? Absolutely! Sometimes.

Pay for referrals? Are you kidding me? Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes last month. My friends and clients aren’t the only ones who remembered my big day. I received offers from my favorite retailers for birthday discounts, designed to make me feel special and (more importantly) spend money. B2C incentives work like magic. […]

Dec, 11 2015 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

12 Habits for Sales Leaders to Adopt

Do you have what it takes to lead your sales team to success? What separates great sales leaders from mediocre ones? Here’s a hint: It’s not what they read, do, or say that makes the biggest difference. It’s who they are.  This is what I took away from Dr. Travis Bradberry’s fantastic Entrepreneur article, “12 […]

Oct, 08 2015 | Sales Leadership, Women in Sales

3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman

What do women in sales and engineers have in common? An engineer who sells? I didn’t understand what one skill set had to do with the other … until I spoke to Ellen, an executive saleswoman at a semi-conductor company. As you might imagine, Ellen is typically the only woman in the room—which gives her […]

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