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Closing the Deal: It’s Never About the Technology

Solid, smart sales are focused on our clients’ pain points, not on the tech demo.

Why is it the one of the first things we hear from a software salesperson is “I’d love to give you a demo”? Of course you would. You want to show me your cool technology with all the bells and whistles.

Bells and Whistles and Disinterest

You haven’t even taken the time or shown interest in my business challenges.

I just attended a trade show and that was pretty much the dialogue I heard. Yes, I know it’s tough working a trade show. I’ve worked more than my share. But really… how about asking a few key questions and learning about me?

You see, I don’t care about you and your cool technology. I only care about what you can do for me. And the same is true with every one of your prospects and clients.

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Sound harsh? You bet. But the harsh truth is that we easily slip into our corporate jargon and forget that we’re not here to push product. We’re here to connect the dots between the client’s problem and our solution. It’s hard work, but if we leave the work to the client, we won’t get the sale.

The “Pain Point” Is Not Technical

My client, a sales vice president, clearly communicated to her sales team that their job is to understand and help clients solve their pain. Their pain is not technical. It’s at the business level. My client challenged her sales people to leave their engineer at the office and make the first sales call themselves. Their goal was to ask questions and uncover the pain. Period.

Of course you’d love to do a demo—but not until you know the pain. The problem is never the technology.

Move through the Pain to Progress

What’s your greatest sales process pain point? How do you address your clients’ greatest concerns? Comment here.

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