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Cold Calling: A Great Phone Sales Approach… I Don’t Think So

The blitz of messages and email marketing about “successful” cold calling sales tactics continues to drive me up the wall and around the bend.

The Great Cold Calling Approach

I recently received an email that provided tips on a great cold calling phone approach: write your script word-for-word, memorize it, practice, and master answers to common sales objections. Oh, and be upbeat and enthusiastic when we ask for the appointment.

Seriously? Empty promises for a no-win sales strategy. And, just plain stupid and a waste of your sales time.

Referrals: The Sales Approach that Works

Consider a sales strategy that works: Referrals. Think about it. When you receive a referral there’s no script, no interrupting people, no overcoming objections. The person knows you and expects your call. Plus you are pre-sold, you earn trust and credibility, shorten your sales process, gain a sales partner, and convert a sales prospect to a client more than 50 percent of the time.

Why would you waste your time?

9 Responses to Cold Calling: A Great Phone Sales Approach… I Don’t Think So

  1. otimo says:

    I started a Sales Company 1 year ago. I hate cold calling and have believed in its uselessness for years. One of the technologies I represent made it easy to sell using almost exclusively Referrals. In essence, I make it easy for people to refer me business. How? I break down the two most common barriers to good referrals—Time and Expertise. Folks don’t have the time to learn enough about your solution to offer it up as a referral. That said, there is another reason referrals work. Access!!! For the life of me I cannot figure out why Sales Leaders dont get that you CANNOT sell unless you have ACCESS. Referral give you a seat at the table—breaking through the noise that is all the wonderful and redundant “Value Propositions” executives are bombarded with every day. How would I go about getting to an executive—simple—get introduced by someone that they know and that is already in my network. At this point, they dont care what you are selling. They take the call or review your content because someone they know and trust invited them to do so. Its common sense…yet so hard to convince folks of. Either way, not only do I believe in this system—I automate it.

  2. Otimo–You’re absolutely correct. The only way to get access to your sales prospect is through a referral introduction. Any other sales prospecting method is a waste of time.

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve been struggling whether to cold call in my business or not. All the “big guns” in the company say they do NOT cold call, but what do you do then when your ‘warm list” has been worked?

  4. Hi Mike:

    I bet you know more people than you think. Sales people tell me frequently that they’ve already worked their list. Two thoughts pop to mind when I hear this:
    1. They did not effectively leverage their contacts to obtain sales referrals.
    2. They did not talk to everyone they know.

    Feel free to call me directly if you would like additional referral-selling ideas. You should never have to cold call–ever.

    Check my previous blog It’s Always About the People You Know. http://www.nomorecoldcalling.com/wp/blog/back-in-the-black-newsletter/your-new-referral-network-its-always-about-the-people-you-know/

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