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Go from Voicemail Villain to Sales Superhero

cold calling?Do you remember the last time you called someone and they answered the phone on your first try? If you’re a mere mortal, you leave voicemail messages–lots of them. But if you’re a Voicemail Villain, no one returns your calls. No one. Voicemail Villains, you know who you are:

  1. The Rambler: Leaves voicemail messages that go on forever.
  2. The Mumbler: Doesn’t speak clearly, mumble, mumble.
  3. The Chewer: Eats lunch on the phone.
  4. The Fast-Talker: What was that number again?
  5. The Lazy Bum: Returns the phone call, doesn’t answer the question.
  6. The Invisible Man: Never returns calls. Ever.

People always answer and return a Sales Superhero’s calls. Tap into your inner Sales Superhero and craft smart voicemail messages that leap tall buildings… OK, maybe not. But they’ll get answered, which is the point. There’s an art to developing smart sales skills.

No More Cold Calling® addresses the fact that voicemail and email rule most business communication today. Here’s your checklist to develop your Sales Superhero telephone sales skills:

  1. Define your goal: Before you pick up the phone, decide what you want as a result of this phone call. Clarity begets a focused message. Keep in mind voicemail messages you like getting, and those you don’t.
  2. Develop a personalized greeting: Stand up, take a deep breath, and leave a personal greeting. Don’t forget your personality at home.
  3. Identify yourself: Start out with your first and last name and your phone number, including the area code. It sounds simple, so keep it simple.
  4. Purpose of call: Tell the person why you’re calling. Answer the “why are you calling me” question right up front. The reason you’re calling provides context and shapes the way your recipient listens to your message.
  5. Close/action step: Ask your contact to get in touch with you and suggest possible dates/times. Follow up by email to confirm.
  6. Final identifier: Last chance! Give your full name again and full phone number.
  7. Time limit: Keep it short and sweet. The best voicemail messages last between 30-45 seconds (60 seconds, max.).

In our über-electronic world, remember to make it easy for people to get in touch with you. A clear, concise message soars to the top of the “Calls to Return” list.

8 Responses to Go from Voicemail Villain to Sales Superhero

  1. Jim Forrester says:

    Great! One of my biggest problems is when someone leaves me a voice message and they talk to fast. I sometimes have to play a message upto 3 times to get the name and phone number.

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