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I Took My Own (Referral) Medicine and It Tasted Great

Relationships power referrals. Referrals rock sales—rock yours.

I received four referral introductions last week. I could hardly believe it. Even for me, that’s a lot. In all cases, people offered referrals before I asked. How did they happen?

Referral #1: The Banker

  • The client, Jim, is a great connector and frequently invited me for coffee.
  • We brainstormed options to train new people at the bank and also to reinforce referral sales skills for others on his team.
  • He asked if I knew a colleague of his at another bank. I didn’t. Jim told me all about his colleague and offered the introduction.

Referrals #2 and #3: The Software Reseller

  • Ken and I spoke to debrief his company’s referral program. The organization had amazing results—even though there was turnover during our engagement, they re-branded the company, and decided to represent two new products.
  • Toward the end of our call, Ken offered to introduce me to a client of his who wants to build a referral business.
  • Ken also offered to introduce me to a software publisher as a keynote speaker for a future sales meeting which hundreds of sales professionals attend.

Referral #4: A Financial Consultant

  • A colleague of mine introduced me to a top salesperson, Sue—a real go-getter.
  • Sue and I spoke. The company she works for had been a prospect of mine, and I knew several of the players. She offered to introduce me to their head of sales—saying that the company needs my referral program.
  • I also offered to introduce her to several people I know.

Moral? It’s always about the relationships you build—whether you’ve known someone for years or they’re a fairly new acquaintance. Everyone is part of the sales team. You’ve already earned their trust because you received a referral.

Always focus on helping someone else first. “How can I help you?” What a great question to ask.

It’s really that simple. Get out there, make connections, deliver value, help someone out, put people together, and facilitate a discussion.

Sometimes, taking the medicine isn’t so bad. In fact, in addition to being good for you (and your business), it–like success–tastes terrific.

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What’s your most recent referral success story? How do the people you know make a difference? And how do you make a difference to them? I respond to every thoughtful comment. So join the conversation.

One Response to I Took My Own (Referral) Medicine and It Tasted Great

  1. There’s nothing like a referral from “out of the blue.” They only happen, though, when you keep diligently putting that goodwill into everyone you meet and do business with. You could say it’s the natural payoff for being exceptional.

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