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Insights from Selling Power’s Publisher

This message from Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher of Selling Power. Gerhard attended Chief Executive Magazine’s CEO of the Year Award and here is his take on insights from conversations with America’s leading CEOs:

  • “The economy is on the road to recovery. It may not be fast, but we’re more certain than ever that the tough times aren’t going to last.”
  • “We have taken a hard look at every part of our operation and identified and plugged many efficiency leaks, aggressively cut waste, and judiciously moved into new territories.”
  • “CEOs need to take the lead when it comes to restoring trust. The headlines created the now familiar joke, “One year you can be on the cover of Time, the next year you can be doing it.”
  • “It is incredible what can happen when you can mobilize the creative powers of an organization. We have such great potential to innovate and move our business forward.”
  • “The recession certainly looked like a big lemon, but with sweet new ideas, we’re now getting better-tasting lemonade.”
  • “If you have available cash, this is the best time to go on the hunt for acquisitions. There is no better time than now.”

Not already a subscriber? Selling Power is the best sales publication in print and on the web. It’s a must-read for every sales professional and sales manager. I’ve been selling more than 30 years and believe that there’s always more to learn. It keeps me current: I get hands-on information for my business and great content to share with my clients, too! Get sharp with cutting-edge thinking and sales-management know-how.

For more info, read Gerhard’s original post.

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