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Lessons from Moneyball

Money keyWhy am I reading “Moneyball” and what’s the connection to sales?

Several people I respect told me it’s one of the best business books written, so I dug in. I like going to baseball games, but I’m not a baseball fanatic, and I really don’t care who played third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960. (OK, I know it’s Don Hoak. I wrote about it on page 57 of my book, No More Cold Calling: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust)

What I learned from Michael Lewis in “Moneyball” is that people have definite biases and beliefs and that a “profusion of ignorance” clouds otherwise knowledgeable men. I learned that many people are ignored by those who stand to benefit most from their work. Why? Because they are stuck in their ways. They behave the way they’ve always behaved. They’re mired in history and prevailing beliefs, risk-averse and politically frightened.

Yes, this is the “aha!” link to sales!

Are your clients stuck, afraid to change, to try new approaches? Are they afraid of not delivering results and of losing their jobs? Trodding along the same path won’t get them to a new destination. As salespeople, we make a difference to our clients. Let’s help our clients get “unstuck.”

The heck with baseball. In “Moneyball”, sales lessons abound!

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