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The best motivation is making the sale

Let Joanne help your account based sales teams land and expand with referrals.

Joanne Black is America’s top referral sales expert.

Every day salespeople around the world hear stories of phenomenal success achieved exclusively through status updates and tweets. So, the question becomes: Why isn’t digital prospecting working for them?

Because success in account based sales isn’t about who has the best technology. It’s about who has the best relationships.

Joanne cautions modern sellers about the dangers of digital dependence. She believes the best account based sales development strategies combine social intelligence, relationship building, and referrals.

Joanne has decades of experience selling to multiple industries and companies of all sizes. She knows what works and what doesn’t. Her simple message about using referral selling as the primary driver of sales resonates with sales and marketing audiences around the globe.

A splash of cold water

Joanne’s contrarian approach often goes against the prevailing winds, and even the philosophies of other speakers sharing the stage with her. Joanne’s energetic presentation style and actionable content provide audiences with a foundation to challenge what they hear in the blogosphere about how technology is changing how they should connect with prospects.

Joanne’s first book—No More Cold Calling™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust—is still the sales bible for many successful account based selling teams. It outlines Joanne’s process-driven approach to increasing sales by turning friends, clients, and colleagues into your own private sales force.

Her second book—Pick Up the Damn Phone!: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal—makes the case for breaking through digital barriers and using real conversations as your key business differentiator.

Make sure everyone at your conference or sales meeting leaves with a book of their own!



Choose from among these revenue-building sales topics:

How Referrals Guarantee a One-Call Meeting

The average account based sales development strategy relies on outdated tactics that simply don’t work with modern buyers. Decision-makers don’t take cold calls, respond to cold emails, or have sales conversations with strangers on social media. These activities get sales teams nowhere and eat up company time and resources in the process. Account based selling hinges on understanding what motivates the modern B2B buyer—trusting relationships. Learn how your team can score qualified leads with a systematic, disciplined, and measurable referral program.

Discover how to ensure a steady stream of qualified leads.

Big Deals and High Heels™: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling

Men might still outnumber women in the upper echelons of sales, but that’s changing quickly. Account based sales is all about building and nurturing relationships, and that’s one area where women have a natural advantage. Joanne shares her own journey from a shy young woman who thought she could never sell, to a top performer in a sales career spanning more than 35 years. Learn why women in sales must ask for advice and step out of their comfort zones to get their voices heard. (Both high heels and wingtips are welcome.)

Discover why women must be on your sales team.

Pick Up the Damn Phone!: Why Technology Won’t Seal the Deal

Are your LinkedIn invitations getting lost in the cloud? Are you spinning your wheels tweeting to your sales leads and getting nothing out of it? If your prospecting efforts fall on deaf ears, it’s time to rethink your account based sales development strategy. Sales success isn’t about how many emails you can fire off in a day or how many friend requests you send to decision-makers. It’s about real relationships with real people. Learn how your team can get better results by unplugging from social media and picking up the damn phone to make connections that count!

Discover how to make your messages matter.

Unclog Your Sales Funnel: Lead Generation That Works for Account Based Selling

Attracting the wrong kind of clients to your business is like dumping trash in your sales funnel. They drain your time, energy, and resources. High-performing account based sales teams understand that lead generation shouldn’t be about quantity—it should be about quality! Learn how referral selling fills your pipeline with nothing but hot, qualified leads to your ideal prospects.

Discover how to guarantee qualified lead generation for your team.

Social Media Selling Is All About the Social

Successful sales professionals understand that social media is now a must-have business tool. But very few understand how to incorporate social into their account based sales strategies. So, the average B2B salesperson relies on outdated tactics that fail to engage the 21st century buyer—cold calling, sending cold emails, and stalking prospects on social media. These practices alienate potential customers and waste company time and resources. It’s time to stop hiding behind screens and start making real connections! Learn why social selling is about being social, not selling, and how your team can make virtual connections that lead to real-world business.

Discover the role of social selling in referral sales.

How to Double Your Referral Network in 90 Days

Whether you’re looking for new clients, looking for a job, or looking for a date, referrals always give you an edge. Smart people don’t wait around to be contacted. They’re always making new connections—not just online, but in the real world. Learn practical networking tips to boost your visibility, strengthen your relationships, attract cool new contacts to your network, and meet topnotch referral sources.

Discover how to initiate relationships that lead to referrals.

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