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Jul, 11 2019 | Sales Leadership

How Warren Buffett Spends His Time [The Life Punchcard Theory]

Are you “all in” or just dabbling? Most people (especially sales leaders) share the same frustrations: How do I fit everything in? How do I catch up? How do I innovate? How do I balance work and family? There aren’t enough hours in the day. I want to do so many things, and I’ll never […]

Jul, 04 2019 | Sales Leadership

Let Freedom Ring: My Sentiments on July 4

My visit to Normandy on the 75th anniversary of D-Day gave me a lot to think about this July 4. I hadn’t been to France since I was 22, and last month I visited Paris and Normandy. Paris is still a gorgeous city with a rich history. Normandy was beyond anything I’d experienced. Some of […]

Jun, 29 2019 | Newsletter

Without Fundamentals, You’ve Got Nothing (June Referral Selling Insights)

Why it’s important to train from the trenches “From now on, I am going to make it a fixed rule that no unit, from the time it reaches this theater until the war is won, will ever stop training.” —Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces I’ve just returned from a trip to […]

Jun, 27 2019 | B2B, Lead Generation, Networking, Social Media

The Number of LinkedIn Contacts You Have Doesn’t Matter

Connections and relationships are what count. Should I accept every LinkedIn invitation? I’m frequently asked that question. It’s a personal choice. Some people do. Some people only connect with people they know in real life. Others screen every invitation; they write to people first and ask why they want to connect. I’m in-between. I view […]

Jun, 23 2019 | Business Development, Lead Generation, Networking, Referral Sales

How to Ask for Referrals: A Comprehensive Guide

This is a truthful and proven guide for how to ask for referrals. You won’t read that referrals are easy or that all you have to do is ask. What you will read are lessons and insights that I have gleaned from working my referral system with clients for the past 23 years. I’m not […]

Jun, 13 2019 | Technology

Why Technology Is Ruining Our Mental Health

Do you really need to sleep with your phone?   Call or text me anytime. You won’t disturb me. My phone and smartwatch are turned off when I’m sleeping. They’re nowhere near me. They’re in the kitchen charging. There’s nothing so urgent in my business that my sleep needs to be disturbed. We still have […]

Jun, 09 2019 | B2B, Lead Generation, Networking, sales training

To Get B2B Leads, Pick Up the Damn Phone!

Have you forgotten that selling is social? “Turn off your computer. You’re actually going to have to turn off your phone and discover all that is human around us.” That’s what Eric Schmidt, then chairman and CEO of Google, told the graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania in May 2009. Ten years later, his […]

May, 23 2019 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, sales training

Ready to Get Serious About Referrals? (Summer Sales Training Courses)

Stop talking about referrals. Why would I tell you to stop talking about referrals, especially considering I’ve spent decades spreading that gospel? The answer’s simple. Everyone raves that referrals are their best source of new business, but few salespeople actually raise their hand and commit to referral selling. That’s why I decided to host summer […]

May, 19 2019 | Business Development, Networking, Referral Sales

How to Get Referrals and Finally Conquer Your Fear

Asking for referrals feels riskier than cold calling. “I’m not sure of the reason, but I have never been comfortable asking for referrals.” That comment was from a 20-year sales veteran, the kind of seasoned pro who should know how to get referrals, and given this person’s track record, should feel confident about asking. I […]

May, 09 2019 | Business Development, Networking, Referral Sales, Sales Leadership, Social Media, Social Selling, Uncategorized

Small Business Owners: The Future Is Your Responsibility

Get out of the weeds. How many balls can you keep in the air at one time? Some business leaders are better jugglers than others, but everyone has their breaking point—or, rather, their dropping point. Juggling priorities is a challenge for every business owner. You’re overwhelmed with business development and all the things you need […]

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