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Dec, 23 2010 | Referral Sales

Top Sales Predictions

What’s In Your Successful Sales Future? If you participated in the Top Sales Awards, you benefitted from the nuggets of wisdom from each of the guest speakers. If you missed it, here is the link to listen. Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power, asked me some tough questions. It’s year-end prediction time, so Gerhard asked […]

Dec, 20 2010 | Referral Sales

Congrats! Top Sales Awards Winners

Just in case you missed it, the inaugural Top Sales Awards were last week. The awards were a culmination of a year’s worth of outstanding sales articles, personalities, solutions, and resources. Congratulations to the Winners of the First-Ever Top Sales Awards Thank you for voting for my article, “Why Social Networks Won’t Build Your Business“. […]

Dec, 15 2010 | Social Selling

Top Sales Awards: Read the Finalist Article!

Why Social Networks Won’t Build Your Business Social Networking Isn’t the Next Best Thing… …You are! It’s the personal connection-still-that seals the deal. My article on social networking was a top-three finalist in the 2010 Top Sales Awards. The Internet, social networking, and other breakthroughs in technology have fundamentally changed the way we do business. […]

Sep, 18 2010 | Social Selling

A New “Social” Salesforce Tool

IntroMojo helps us collect hard-to-find prospect info: aggregated from all over the web. One-stop, referral-selling info at hand. Now.

Sep, 17 2010 | Referral Sales

Cold Calling: A Great Phone Sales Approach… I Don’t Think So

Email marketing continues to distribute the “cold calling works” approach. Clever, but it doesn’t work. Referral sales works. Every time.

Sep, 02 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Small Business

“Small” may be the way government classifies you, but you are the backbone of the global economy.   You chose your line of work because you are passionate about a product or service you developed, recognized a not-to-miss opportunity in the marketplace, or gained expertise in a specific skill. Bottom line: You love what you […]

Aug, 27 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Enterprise Organizations

Whether you sell technology, professional services, or financial services, the complexity of your client’s business issues as well as your proposed solutions are game changing. You frequently partner with others –both within and outside of your company—to win and implement a solution that delivers measurable business results. Your challenge is proving to your buyers in […]

Aug, 27 2010 | Referral Sales

Referral Selling in Associations

Your members are business owners and professionals who know the importance of sales, but who often view sales as a “dirty word.” Your members are passionate about the product or service they developed, they recognized a not-to-miss opportunity in the marketplace, or gained expertise in a specific skill. Whatever their business-start rationale, they acknowledge that […]

Aug, 11 2010 | Social Selling

Top Sales World: Your One-Stop Global Sales Stop

Top Sales World is your one-stop global sales stop.

Aug, 08 2010 | Social Selling

7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore

Sales are built on relationships. Our role as salespeople is to build relationships. Bottom line: People do business with people, not with technology.

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