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Smart Calling? Get Real

Social media provides terrific research, but it doesn’t warm your calls. Cold is still cold.

More and more, sales professionals use social media as an indispensable sales and prospecting tool. It provides valuable insight into prospects and decision makers. The social media impact prompts some sales pros to wonder if cold calling is dead, and whether it’s being replaced by so-called “smart” calling.

Hence, the question on one top social community site: “What are the top 3-5 ways that inside sales reps can turn cold calling into smart calling, and what are the benefits of doing so?” And it continued, “High quality answers may be included in an upcoming report on inside sales.”

My answer to this question: Some sales professionals refer to “smart calling” because they diligently research the sales prospect, identify trigger events, discover similar group and educational affiliations, and believe when they reach out, that they are smart calling.

It’s Either Hot, or Not

Do not be deluded. There are only two kinds of calls: Cold Calls and Hot Calls.

A rep makes a cold call to a prospect when the information he collects is a name, background, and contact information. (Read, “Why Cold Calling Is the Bottom of the Barrel.)

Referrals Are Your Best Research

A hot call is when the rep receives a referral introduction. The rep still has the relevant details from his research, but now the sales prospect knows the rep and offers to have a conversation.

Working from referrals, sales reps:

  • Get the meeting at the level that counts
  • Shorten their sales process
  • Convert a sales prospect to a client more than 50% of the time

There’s no such thing as a “warm call” or a “smart call.” Only cold calls and hot calls exist. Which would you rather make?

Join the Conversation

Some people like cold calling. Most don’t. And most people reap fantastic rewards from HOT CALLS through referrals. Share what works for you here.

9 Responses to Smart Calling? Get Real

  1. tony bishop says:

    Hi , I wondered what your take was on Art Sobzcaks Smart Calling book which i have just bought, would appreciate your feedback. Thanks Tony

  2. tony bishop says:

    Well one of the thrusts of his book Joanne is to encourage Warm Calling by using social Engineering and undertaking research before you make a cold call offering your value proposition on a call, your unique diffrentiator.

    I agree with what you say about its either a cold call or hot call, where i tend to disagree if i am honest is that you can get and keep the attention of a prospect if what you say brings value to a prospect, even cold calling, not saying it is the most leveraged where to generate a Appointment i know.

    But sorry Joanne on this one cold calling does work, if you take the stance of quality over a numbers game, are current, create relevant topical info they want to hear.

    I think the biggest problem with Telemarketing now is actually getting to speak to so few of your target prospects because of voicemail, not sure how effective it is based calls to Appointment ratios any more.However there still alot of Telemarketing companies about.

    What do you think joanne? Thanks.

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