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Apr, 30 2017 | Newsletter

April Referral Selling Insights


Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month. Think winning is acknowledging a prospect’s pain? Think winning is focusing on a prospect’s desired outcome and then demonstrating how your solution gets results they can bank on? That’s not winning. That’s just playing the game—the same game every other salesperson is […]

Apr, 06 2017 | Lead Generation, Referral Sales

3 Ways to Guarantee Referral Prospecting Success


Think a referral system is easy? Think again! All things being equal, we work with friends. All things not being equal, we work with friends. And when we need a specialist, we ask a friend. That’s why referral selling is the only prospecting strategy that ensures qualified lead generation. And it only works if you […]

Jul, 03 2014 | Referral Sales

[Message to Management]: Why Great Sales Leaders Listen

Guest blogger, Todd McCormick, shares three reasons listening matters in sales management. It was your typical sales conference—except the speaker wasn’t typical. He spoke about the power of personal connections and seeing “the whites” of people’s eyes. I was particularly intrigued that he was a sales leader for a marketing firm, which gave him a […]

Jul, 01 2014 | Referral Sales

I Take It Back: My Apology to Dan McDade

I admit it. I was wrong. Over the years, I have made it very clear that I don’t believe marketing has any business qualifying leads for salespeople. I’ve written several articles and blog posts on the topic, and included the following in my book, Pick Up the Damn Phone!: A marketing expert left me flabbergasted […]

Jun, 26 2014 | Referral Sales

Stop Spamming People

Get over it. They don’t want to talk to you. How many unsolicited emails do you get each day? Today I received 25 … before 10:00 a.m. Guess how many I opened? Not a single one. I’m not interested in student loan assistance, Russian beauties, light therapy for depression, surveys, blood pressure solutions, cat food […]

Jun, 24 2014 | Referral Sales

Stop Throwing Away Good Business

Are you wasting referral opportunities? When you’re looking for a new accountant, marketing firm, lawyer, technology solution, bank, or even hair stylist, I bet you don’t just pick one at random. Sure, you do a little Internet research. But you also ask people you trust who they trust. You ask them for a referral. Most […]

Jun, 19 2014 | Referral Sales, Sales Leadership

Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

The gatekeepers are onto your tricks. Are you tired of talking to people without any decision-making power? Wouldn’t you rather walk straight into the corner office and pitch to the person who’s actually in charge? Of course you would. So why are you still cold calling? Newsflash: 90 percent of CEOs do not respond to […]

Aug, 22 2013 | Referral Sales

You Can’t “Fit it In”?

Reap the only reward that matters. An experienced, high-performing salesperson recently bragged to me about his skill at cold calling. He said he was engaging on the phone, had a booming broadcaster voice, and had landed some of his best business by cold calling. So why was he talking to me? He knew referrals were […]

Aug, 01 2013 | Sales Leadership

Message to Management: Make Referrals Your Priority

It’s up to you to lead the referral-selling charge. Whether you are CEO, vice president, or a sales manager, you have a central role in your company’s sales process and in the decision to transition to referral selling—the only business-development strategy proven to convert prospects into clients more than 50 percent of the time. Referral […]

Jul, 25 2013 | Referral Sales

Showing Up is Standing Out

Step away from your computer and meet face to face. Showing up counts! You show up on the Web, on the phone, and through video conferencing. But while technology tools can certainly drive business development, nothing beats sitting down with someone and talking face to face (that means in person). The Value of Face-to-Face One […]

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